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Travel Nurse Career

Interview and video with an American Traveler RN ... see why she chose travel nursing.

There Are as Many Reasons for Choosing a Travel Nursing Career as There Are Travel Nurses

Some travelers start early -- recently graduated from nursing school, with a year or two of clinical experience under their belts. Our recruiters tell us that this type of traveler is excited about living in new cities and working in different facilities. Some travelers who are just starting out want to see which kind of medical facility is the best fit for their talents. Is it a busy metropolitan teaching hospital where the action never stops, or a smaller community facility where RN's must truly "do it all?" Some RN's decide that it's time to try travel nursing after many years as a staff nurse. Maybe the kids have grown up and left the nest, and a whole new world of career possibilities has opened up. And, let's face it, many RN's choose a travel nursing job for the outstanding pay and benefits. Travel nurses can easily earn more than staff nurses -- and explore the US while they're doing it!

As our recruiters say, "There is really no 'typical' travel nurse. They're all unique. Whatever their motivation, they're sure to find a rewarding travel nurse career with us."

Case in point: see what a seasoned RN, Pat, has to say about the reason she chose travel nursing and why it's worked out so well for her.

Interview with Pat S., RN: Working Travel Nurse

Q: Why did you choose the travel nursing profession?

A: Travel nursing is a wonderful change of scene and a rewarding career path. After 37 years of staff nursing and management, I’m back to doing what I love, which is bedside nursing. I have a flexible schedule, plenty of time off and look forward to new challenges every shift.

Q: What's the difference between travel nursing and a permanent staff position?

A: Travel nursing gives nurses the opportunity to observe different approaches to healthcare, learn at world-famous hospitals, advance in the practice and train with new methods and equipment. On a personal level, there’s nothing like the freedom of traveling around the country, meeting new people and visiting with family and friends.

Q: Does travel nursing fit in with your goals for retirement?

A: As long as I'm mobile and can maintain my sanity, I plan on travel nursing into my seventies. I have six children and eight grand children. As a travel nurse, I can visit with them any time I want or they can come see me on assignment and share in travel adventures.

Q: What's your advice for nurses considering a career in healthcare travel?

A: Have a few years of nursing under your belt before traveling. This way, your organizational skills, nurse working knowledge and patient rapport are all in place before you're challenged with brief orientations in new settings, where you're expected to hit the floor running.

Hear what Pat has to say about her travel nurse career:


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