States That Offer the Best Opportunities in Travel Nursing

Recent study shows that advice from 19th century American author, Horace Greeley, “Go west, young man, go west” applies to today’s nursing profession.
Travel nurse Shelly, RN at Crater Lake while travel nursing in Oregon

From a recent study, it appears the advice from 19th century American author, Horace Greeley, "Go west, young man, go west" applies to today’s nursing profession. According to the study by finance advisory site, WalletHub, the best states for nursing careers are in the western half of the nation. Researchers focused on 15 performance criteria including average salary, open nursing jobs, mandatory overtime legislation, and over/under staffing incidents.

The top five states are Oregon, Washington, South Dakota, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Top 5 States for Travel Nursing

  1. Oregon – If you’re the back-to-nature type then the top state, Oregon, may be the next destination in your travel nursing career. This Pacific Northwest state is home to five Magnet Hospitals. Its diverse landscape offers a variety of nature-based activities to fill your non-working hours.
  2. State of Washington – Right next door and coming in at the number two position is Washington State nursing jobs. This coastal state has three Magnet Hospitals. It’s an ideal place for nurses who enjoy exploring the outdoors from the Pacific Ocean coastal rainforest to the mountain ranges throughout the state.
  3. South Dakota nursing jobs took third place. Travel nurses that treasure tranquility and wide-open spaces in their off hours may want to head to South Dakota for their next assignment. This mid-western state is the 17th largest state by land mass but is the 5th least populous and is home to the famed Mount Rushmore. It has two magnet hospitals and is a Compact Nursing State that gives nurses the ability to practice in other signatory states through a streamlined licensure process.
  4. Arizona is known for its hot summers and mild winters. So if you like the heat, you may want to request one of the many travel nurse assignments in Arizona. Its home to six Magnet Hospitals and is a Compact Nursing State.
  5. New Mexico nursing jobs rank fifth and are the ideal destination for the conservationist in you. The Federal Government protects millions of acres of New Mexico as conservation areas and National Parks. New Mexico is a Compact Nursing State that enables multistate licensure sent and verified electronically saving time and fees.

Nursing Career Advice from Healthcare Experts

A panel of experts involved with the study offered advice to nurses looking to launch or reinvigorate their nursing career:

“Many hospitals and nursing homes are using traveling staff “~ Susan B. Sepples, Associate Professor, University of Southern Maine School of Nursing

“Select a state with a nurse practice act conforming to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s model act which allows all registered nurses and nurse practitioners to practice to their full potential. Investigate the location of Magnet recognized hospitals known as good places for nurses to work and for patients to receive superior care.” ~Linda H. Aiken, University of Pennsylvania Director, Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research

"I would search the states that have granted nurses full scope of practice under the law and look there for employment." Gloria F. Donnelly, Drexel University Dean, College of Nursing and Health Professions

One Year of Acute Care Clinical Experience to Qualify

American Traveler places travel nurses and other healthcare professionals in thousands of hospitals throughout the United States. A travel nurse career is an option for nurses with a minimum of 12 months of acute care clinical experience. Travel nursing is an extremely satisfying lifestyle, both personally and professionally.

Travel nurse assignments typically run between 13 and 26 weeks and include a comprehensive benefits package including health insurance, free private housing, company-matched 401(k), continuing education credits, bonuses, travel and licensure reimbursements and much, much more. American Traveler will secure housing that can include traveling with family, friends and pets!

American Traveler is Joint Commission Gold Seal certified and approved.

Friday June 20, 2014

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