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Raleigh-Durham is perfect for outdoor recreation any time of year.
Raleigh Durham travel nursing jobs are in the heart of the North Carolina ‘Research Triangle where technology firms, world-class universities, and medical teaching hospitals advance their respective industries. The city is one of the nation’s fastest growing economies and ranked #1 in Businessweek’s “America’s Best Places to Live.”  Raleigh Durham also ranks as #3 in the nation for Forbe’s “Best Place for Business and Careers.”
Raleigh Durham also places in the top five for Top 10 Best Cities for Educated Workers, Most Cost-Attractive Business Location, Best Cities in America for Health and Happiness, Best Cities for Raising a Family, The Ten Best Cities for Newlyweds and Best Places for Bargain Retirement Homes! When you add in the warm, tropical weather to the above awards, you can quickly see why Raleigh Durham travel nursing jobs are in such high demand.

Raleigh-Durham, NC Travel Nursing Jobs

The area has a variety of activities depending on your tastes from outdoor adventure and the performing arts, to college-town nightlife and southern culinary delights, Raleigh Durham has you covered. It’s been named as one of the “Top 10 Tastiest Towns in the South” and has more than 1,300 restaurants in the Greater Raleigh area.

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Raleigh has five Magnet Hospitals where career-minded registered nurses can work in leading-edge nursing cultures. RNs looking for Teaching Hospital experience have a variety of options with three Medical Schools in the area. And remember, with American Traveler, you are reimbursed for continuing education nursing courses, in addition to the high hourly wages, full benefits and company-paid housing.

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Travel nursing jobs in North Carolina offers plenty of beaches, waterfalls and other amazing sights! Find North Carolina nurse jobs with high pay and top benefits!

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