Why RNs Really Love Their Travel Nurse Jobs

One of American Traveler’s Recruiters, Sara, just had to share this romantic story that a travel nurse sent her on Valentine’s day.

One of American Traveler’s Recruiters, Sara Z., just had to share this romantic story that a travel nurse sent her on Valentine’s day. Jenna S., who is on a Wisconsin nursing job, reports that it has been an unforgettable assignment — for several reasons! Jenna writes:

"I have always wanted a white Christmas because we don’t get those very much around Tennessee, where I’m from. On Christmas morning here in Wisconsin, it was so beautiful outside. There was snow on the ground, and some of the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen were coming down. My boyfriend and I decided to take a drive to visit a harbor near the hospital where I’m working. We had a great view overlooking Lake Michigan. I was standing on the pier, in awe of the scenery.

When I turned around to get my boyfriend's attention, he was down on one knee. He asked me to marry him and told me that I would make him the happiest man alive if I accepted. He said that he couldn’t imagine another day without me. He’d been in a serious car accident a few months earlier and neither of us wanted to be apart like that — ever again. Of course I jumped up and down and said yes. And we both began to cry. The crying didn’t go on for long though – it was about 10 degrees out and our tears were freezing!"

To say the least, Jenna's enjoying her travel nurse job! She’s looking to extend her assignment ... like many travel nurses, who fall in love with the new places and people they meet along the journey.

Got a romantic travel nursing story of your own? Tell us about it!

Friday February 18, 2011

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Dana W., CVICU, RN
The assignment is great! I went backpacking this weekend. It was gorgeous!