Travel Nurses Think Pink in October-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In October, pink—a color strongly associated with nationwide breast cancer awareness campaigns—is as prominent as the brilliant colors of fall.
Think Pink October

In October, pink—a color strongly associated with nationwide breast cancer awareness campaigns—is as prominent as the brilliant colors of fall. It’s October and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when tens of thousands of sisters, mothers, aunts, friends and registered nurses included among the fray, either participate in local fundraising events or raise awareness by simply donating in the race to find a cure.

All compassionate people, which include R.N.s, doctors, therapists and travel nurses have a unique opportunity this month to help create more birthdays. Getting started is as easy as clicking a link to find a breast cancer awareness event near you, or spending some time on the National Breast Cancer Awareness site to connect with the most recognizable organizations in this fight.

We’re proud of our participation in breast cancer awareness events over the years, in efforts that include corporate staff making strides, or blogging about RNs’ revolutionizing work in preventing breast cancer patient hair loss during chemotherapy. We encourage our registered nurses to use their clinical training in helping to disseminate knowledge on the early detection of breast cancer, as well as tips on living a healthier lifestyle.

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Tuesday October 04, 2011

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