Job Satisfaction is high for Nursing, Allied Health Professionals

According to a recent study. U.S. Healthcare professionals rank third in overall job satisfaction trailing only engineering and finance employees.

Healthcare workers rank near the top when it comes to job satisfaction, according to a recent study. U.S. Healthcare professionals rank third in overall job satisfaction trailing only engineering and finance employees.

Healthcare Professionals Confident about Job Security

Additionally, healthcare workers are among the most optimistic of job seekers with 81% being confident in finding a job within a 12-month period. Healthcare jobs with the highest demand include registered nursesphysical therapists, occupational therapists, medical assistants, and home health aides.

The top geographic markets for healthcare employment are Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York; however workforce shortages are being experienced throughout the nation.

Healthcare Job Market Statistics

Further, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the outlook for healthcare jobs is solid through to the year 2020.

From 2010 to 2020, the BLS estimates that demand for:

  • Physical therapist jobs will increase 39 percent.
  • Registered nurse jobs will increase 26 percent.
  • Pharmacist jobs will increase 25 percent.
  • Licensed practical nurse jobs will increase 22 percent.
  • Medical assistant jobs will increase 31 percent.

Healthcare Wages a Concern

Although the demand for healthcare jobs is on a rising trajectory, compensation does not appear to be following suit due to cost-cutting/containment measures. The survey found that 80% of healthcare professionals are not expecting significant wage increases from their employer in the foreseeable future.

Average Healthcare Salaries

Median salaries for some common healthcare jobs include:

  • Pharmacist: $113,390
  • Physical therapist: $78,270
  • Registered nurse: $65,950
  • Licensed practical nurse: $41,150
  • Medical assistant: $29,100

Travel Healthcare Jobs Can Result in Higher Compensation

Travel nurses and travel therapists typically earn higher wages and when included with employee benefits and bonuses, such as free housing, total compensation can exceed $100,000 a year!

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Healthcare professionals concerned with static compensation can boost their income, their education, and level of experience through travel nursing and allied health jobs.

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Tuesday August 06, 2013

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