Three NICU RNs love to tell their stories on Neonatal Nurses Day

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) established an important holiday for RNs over a decade ago now in its 13th year. The theme for Neonatal Nurses Day this year is : “Love What You Do”
Neonatal Nurses

Happy National Neonatal Nursing Day to all NICU and PICU Nurses!

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) established this important holiday for R.N.s caring for the tiniest and most vulnerable patients over a decade ago: and now in its 13th year, Neonatal Nurses Day has chosen this year’s  theme as: “Love What You Do”

Celebrate National Neonatal Nurses Day 2013 on Sunday, September 15.

Knowing that NICU and PICU nurses are in such high demand is a bonus in jobs that are, in and of themselves, their own reward. Here, three neonatal nurses from the American Traveler team offer their inspiring stories, a peek at travel nurse housing, and rave reviews about their healthcare employers.

Rachel R., a NICU nurse left her comfort zone in a permanent RN job, in favor of traveling the country to see how other neonatal units worked. She looked into a couple different travel agencies and picked American Traveler first, connecting with her recruiter instantly. Rachel hoped for a coveted location, and that’s exactly what she got, landing her first travel nursing job in sunny California! Rachel reports that the hospital was amazing, and helped further her education and learning in Neonatal ICU. She can say the same of Florida healthcare facility where she is on a nursing assignment now.

Stephanie G. is presently enjoying Idaho nursing jobs—an adventure to be sure! This is her second NICU position with American Traveler, and she is thrilled to be in her area hospital’s new neonatal department. Stephanie has been wonderful helping the core staff get the unit up and running, floating from the PICU when needed. Her first travel assignment was in Texas, and her supervisor there has already contacted Stephanie to ask if she would return for another run—something she is excited to do this month!

Kayla M. is on her first travel assignment in great northwest, and is very impressed by the progressive clinical setting in this facility! Though a shift in gears from her previous R.N. job, Kayla says travel nursing has enabled her to add invaluable clinical experience to her skill set. For her next assignment, she’s interested in warming things up in Florida. Now, with her previous Level III NICU background experience and her new travel nurse assignment now under her belt, her career goal ought to be met by November!

Thanks to Nurses like These, For Spreading the Word that Neonatal R.N.s Are Amazing!

Like so many of their colleagues, these health care professionals demonstrate not only clinical competence, but the ability to blend seamlessly with staff and provide the quality of care patients and their families need. They are engaging, flexible and helpful—with attributes that any healthcare employer would be lucky to have. In the spirit of that, American Traveler would like to thank them for all that they do.

Happy Neonatal Nursing Day everyone! Please add your memories, well wishes and hopes for the future to our Facebook wall, or leave a comment here. And be sure to apply online or call 1-800-884-8788 today, to get in touch with a recruiter that can place YOU exactly where you want to be.

Thursday September 12, 2013

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