Memorial Day: Honoring Military Nurses, Too

While we honor the soldiers who serve our country so bravely, we also honor the military nurses who have made such an amazing contribution to our nation.

This weekend while we honor the soldiers who serve our country so bravely, we also honor the military nurses who have made such an amazing contribution to our nation.

This year marks the 111th Anniversary of the Army Nurse Corps, the organization charged with training and deploying nurses to warzones. It was established in 1901 in response to the need for an organized military nurse structure. The Army Nurse Corps was created to effectively treat wounded soldiers during wartime. Just prior to the Corps’ inception, a deficit of nurses during the Spanish American War (1898-1902) proved that without a reserve force of caregivers, American troops would suffer dire consequences.

For over a century, these brave men and women have worked tirelessly to save lives during every American war and conflict. They continue to serve on the front lines today and rely on cutting edge technologies to treat and care for soldiers and civilians in hotspots around the world.

Earlier in the year, the Army Medical Museum was the backdrop for a Nurse Corps Anniversary celebration. Corps Officer, Col. Bruce Schoneboom, spoke to the transformation Corp’s RN’s have been undergoing in recent years in areas of leadership development, military health care and working with soldier families.

Schoneboom touched on Nurse Corps accomplishments, such as improving en-route critical care while transporting the wounded, and the development of protective gear to limit injuries to extremities.

Over the years, military nursing jobs have been a way for RN’s to challenge themselves, to heal those who most deserve it, and to serve their country. Corps nurses have played an integral role in medical advancements, including access to care closer to the front lines, advanced surgical procedures and post-surgical nursing care during wartime. Additionally, the administration of blood products during disaster relief efforts has improved survival rates on a grand scale.

Career opportunities for military nurses returning home are excellent.Because travel nursing requires practitioners to think quickly on their feet, adapt to new surroundings and work effectively under duress, a travel nursing career is ideal for RN’s with military training. Travel nurse jobs for military nurses typically pay better than staff positions and come with free private housing, and a slew of what could best be described as “Welcome Home Benefits.” CaliforniaTexas and Florida nursing jobs may be particularly appealing to RN’s looking for a warm climate and lots of tranquil coastline. Ohio and Nevada travel nursing is also active right now, for travelers who prefer more centralized locations.

Wednesday May 23, 2012

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