Jeffrey M., Physical Therapist - Interview

Jeffrey, Physical Therapist
Seeing new places and meeting new people is why I love to travel... American Traveler’s client support surpassed my expectations. My recruiter is there for me whenever I call, and the support staff checks in on me once a week to ensure my satisfaction with assignment and benefits. I really like the way American Traveler takes the hassle out of getting licensed in different states as well.

Jeffrey started traveling as a Physical Therapist with  American Traveler  two years ago and has been traveling with us ever since. Never having been west of Chicago, the Pennsylvania native launched his travel therapy career with a California physical therapist job that took him to Mountain View California, where highlights included San Francisco Giants’ games and Fleet Week with the Blue Angels.

Jeffrey said his California PT job led him to advance techniques, new methods and the opportunity to work with practitioners focused on less invasive surgeries. Now working at a Physical Therapy job in Pennsylvania, Jeffrey’s visiting with family and hometown friends.

“For my next travel assignment, I might consider a travel therapist job in California again or choose from PT Jobs in Florida or Colorado.

In line with his passion for physical therapy, Jeffrey runs marathons, loves sports and enjoys strength training. He’s 29 years old and has been a Physical Therapist since 2002. He has no plans yet to settle down. “I love the temporary experience and mobility of PT travel.”

In addition to enjoying the wonderful aspects of travel, Jeffrey speaks highly of his American Traveler Consultant, and the ease and comforts of his private housing accommodations and the healthcare travel job agency’s PT job support team.

Jeffrey found American Traveler while exploring the web for PT job opportunities. The fact that American Traveler was certified by The Joint Commission went a long way toward the travel nursing agency’s credibility, he said.

"Considering my first assignment was 3,000 miles from home, I wanted a healthcare travel job agency I could trust. I looked at what others were offering and chose American Traveler."

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