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Travel nursing jobs in Illinois, home to the Bears, Chicago-style pizza and dozens of wonderful towns both big and small. RN jobs with top pay and benefits.

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Current Openings Location Start Date Shift Detail Job Length Compact State Job Info
 RN:  Med/Surg
Chicago, IL ASAP Days12 7:00 AM 13 Weeks No Apply
 RN:  Mother Baby
Chicago, IL ASAP Days12 7:00 AM 13 Weeks No Apply
 RN:  Med/Surg
Chicago, IL ASAP Days8 7:00 AM - 13 Weeks No Apply
 RN:  Pediatric ICU
Chicago, IL ASAP 3:00 PM - 3:00 AM 14 Weeks No Apply
 RN:  Labor & Delivery
Lincoln, IL ASAP 7:00 PM - 7:30 AM 8 Weeks No Apply
 RN:  Labor & Delivery
Chicago, IL ASAP Days12 7:00 AM 13 Weeks No Apply
 RN:  Operating Room
Springfield, IL ASAP 7:00 PM - 7:30 AM 13 Weeks No Apply
 RN:  Critical Care
Springfield, IL ASAP Nights12 7:00 PM 13 Weeks No Apply
 RN:  Neonatal ICU
Chicago, IL ASAP Variable12 11:00 13 Weeks No Apply
 RN:  Med/Surg
Chicago, IL ASAP Nights12 7:00 PM 13 Weeks No Apply
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Fun Things to See and Do in Illinois

Illinois travel nursing jobs are on the cutting edge of modern healthcare! Nursing jobs in Illinois are abundant in Springfield, Chicago, Mount Vernon and Rockford, all growing cities known for ethnic eateries, galleries, nightspots and thriving hospitals and outpatient centers. Urban facilities in Illinois are equipped with modern medical technologies and staffed by top-ranking surgeons, medical doctors and allied health professionals.
Illinois travel nursing jobs allow travelers to walk down Chicago's Magnificent Mile, a stretch of Michigan Avenue in the windy city. The shopping along the "Mag Mile" is some of the best in Chicago -- with everything from convenience stores to the most exclusive boutiques. Noted for its architecture, Illinois boasts many buildings by the great Frank Lloyd Wright. His Dana-Thomas House in Springfield is particularly well preserved. Many former US Presidents hail from Illinois; their residences are dotted throughout the state. Central and Southern Illinois have their own charm, with friendly and open residents who are justly proud of their hometowns.

Travel Nurse Jobs in Illinois are Presidential!

Nature lovers never run out of adventure in Illinois and the Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest is a hiker and photographer hot spot. If tranquility is your goal then head out to Anderson Japanese Gardens to relax and unwind when the workweek is done. Of course, there are plenty of theaters, concerts, and symphonies to keep you entertained or you can relax in the private housing that is included with Illinois travel nursing jobs.

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