Maui, HI Travel Nursing Jobs

Hawaii travel nursing jobs in Maui are paradise found.
It never seems to take much effort to convince RNs to take Maui travel nursing jobs, nearly all jump at the chance. It’s the island spirit that keeps travelers coming back for more tropical weather mixed with a peaceful island culture. Even endangered Humpback whales travel from cold, northern Alaskan waters to the balmy shores of Maui each year and are a joy to watch.

Maui’s Origins are Fascinating

As with all Hawaii travel nursing jobs, you’ll never tire of being a tourist and that holds true for Maui as well. And if you do, know that you can turn it down a notch and relax in the company-paid housing that comes with all Maui travel nursing jobs in addition to some of the highest wages in nursing and a full benefits package!

Live in an Island Dream

Travel nurses in Maui can explore the rainforest, take a safari boat cruise, or view the chain of islands in a hot air balloon. Snorkeling the coral reefs is a must-do where you’ll swim with colorful tropical fish, sea turtles and dolphins. Yoga on the beach at sunrise and sunset is a popular way to relieve stress and stretch out those tired muscles from working Maui travel nursing jobs. The Hawaiian Islands are a marvel of nature developing over millions of years into a lush, tropical paradise. Maui was the result of cooling lava from two separate volcanoes merging together to form the island. There are several eco-tours that RNs on Maui travel nursing jobs can join to learn the fascinating origins of the Hawaiian Islands!

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Amy seating on kayak at the beach during her Hawaii travel nursing job
You'll love the island spirit that keeps travelers coming back for more. Hawaii travel nursing jobs offer top pay, bonuses and free private housing...
Maria G., Emergency Room, RN
I love the apartment! The location is amazing!