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Fairbanks is known for its hospitality and friendliness -- not to mention lively business districts, outdoor sports activities, and a dynamic arts community.
Fairbanks travel nursing jobs take RNs to Alaska, the “Land of the Midnight Sun.” Fairbanks lies in the interior region of Alaska and is the third largest city after Anchorage and Juneau. The pay for Fairbanks travel nursing jobs is typically high with full benefits plus company-paid housing and could be the perfect travel assignment for adventure seekers.

Fairbanks, AK Travel Nursing Jobs - Adventure Everywhere!

Gold mining is still alive and well in Fairbanks, and you keep the gold you find at the El Dorado gold mine. The Northern Lights phenomenon is most dazzling between December and March. Downtown Fairbanks is host to three huge festivals each year and is a wonderful city to walk and bike. The Alaska Salmon Bake in Pioneer Park grills all-you-eat brown-sugar salmon, deep-fried halibut and Pacific cold-water cod.

Winter Sports and Outdoor Adventure!

Fairbanks travel nursing jobs are just a short plane ride to the Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska's Far North Region where very few people have visited. The park contains the Brooks Mountain Range where backpackers can explore the sub-arctic landscape and watch the wildlife including muskoxen, moose, bear, and the caribou migration. Denali National Park is even closer, just a couple of hours away and is ideal for nature lovers and photographers. Snowfall in Fairbanks means it’s time to change to winter sport. The area is a hub for cross-country skiing having held several competitions including the 2003 Junior Olympic Cross Country Ski Championship and the 2008 and 2009 Cross Country Distance U.S. Nationals. RNs on Fairbanks travel nursing jobs can take in the Yukon Quest, a 1,000-mile sled dog race between Fairbanks and Whitehorse, Yukon.

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Alaska travel nursing jobs are for those who love adventure and top pay! Thrill to the natural beauty of Alaska while you enjoy your rewarding travel nurse job.

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