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Travel nurse in hospital hallway

Travel Nursing Career FAQs

Travel nursing job questions & answers - Learn from experts on travel nursing job questions & how to begin a travel nurse job at American Traveler with free benefits.

Got Questions About Travel Nursing? We Have Answers!

Our experts provide the information and answers to the questions that travel nurses ask us most often. Take a few minutes to learn a bit more about travel nursing and about American Traveler's free, private deluxe housing, our generous company-matched 401(k) and dental, medical and life insurance.

1. Basic information about travel jobs for nurses

Q. Why do healthcare professionals choose an RN travel job? How do I get the best benefits?

A.  There are many good reasons for choosing a travel nurse job. Travel nursing with American Traveler allows you to see and explore new places, work in prestigious hospitals and enjoy the flexibility of having time off between assignments as needed. In addition, American Traveler benefits, salary and compensation are superior to that of most permanent nursing jobs; free private housing and health insurance, licensure and travel reimbursements, free education, bonuses and more are all included when you take a travel nurse position with American Traveler.

Q. For what length of time can healthcare professionals continue to accept RN travel jobs? How do I keep traveling?

A. Although some candidates take a travel nursing job only once for the professional experience (or to relocate to a different part of the country), the majority find the career opportunities and the travel nurse lifestyle so fulfilling they keep traveling for years on end.

Q. What does a travel nurse job entail? How do I get detailed questions answered?

A. A travel nursing job is typically a 13-week position at a selected hospital. American Traveler staffs hospitals and outpatient facilities on a short-term, per diem and permanent staff basis. In addition, to become a travel nurse you must have a minimum of 12 months of acute care clinical experience. Your expert Consultant reviews all assignment details with you such as RN travel job start and end dates, salary, housing accommodations, bonuses, travel reimbursement, licensure reimbursement and all other benefits. You have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and are ultimately the one who decides on your travel nurse destination.

Q. In what types of facilities are travel nursing positions available with American Traveler? How do I get the best job?

A. American Traveler staffs university teaching facilities, out-patient centers and urban and rural hospitals and healthcare clinics with RNs and allied health professionals. RN travel jobs are available in major cities such as San Diego, Miami, Seattle, and Chicago, and in quaint rural settings in New England and in the Midwest. American Traveler has the best nursing jobs in mountain resorts, the Arizona desert, California , Hawaii and in towns and cities across the U.S.

Q. What benefits and bonuses can I expect from an RN travel job with American Traveler? How do I get them?

A. All American Traveler nursing job assignments include generous salaries ; free private housing; group health, dental and life insurance; travel and licensure reimbursements; bonuses; a company-matched 401(k) plan and more!

Q. Can I travel with family, friends or pets as a travel nurse with American Traveler? How do I go about it?

A. American Traveler will secure housing that meets your personal lifestyle needs. Traveling with friends and family has never been easier! You tell us who you’ll be traveling with and we take care of the rest.

Q. Can American Traveler get both me and my husband (or friend) travel nurse jobs at the same location if we’re both qualified nurse candidates? How do we approach this?

A. We frequently arrange travel nursing assignments for friends and working spouses. Housing arrangements can be individual or together. The choice is yours. You tell us your needs up front, we take it from there.

Q. What kind of support can I expect from American Traveler on my first RN travel job? How do I know you have the best support?

A. American Traveler provides every nursing job client with personalized service based on individual needs and lifestyle. Our dedicated client services representatives are at your disposal five days a week and our 24/7 emergency hotline ensures that someone is always standing by to aid travel nurses in time of need. Many of our services are automated and easily accessible online, and our highly-trained, professional support staff will promptly address any special request or urgent need you may have. You can expect the Ultimate Travel Nurse Job from American Traveler.

Q. During my travel nursing assignment, who do I call regarding RN travel job details and / or problems? How do I get help in case of emergency?

A. In addition to your personal American Traveler Consultant, our  Client Services Department  has experienced professionals standing by who can assist you with questions regarding payroll, housing, insurance and nursing job benefits. In case of emergency, you’ll have a 24-hour hotline number to call.

Q. What are my options at the end of a travel nurse assignment with American Traveler? How do I go about exploring my options?

A. Before completion your travel nurse job assignment, you and your American Traveler Consultant will discuss various options, including extending your current assignment, choosing a new travel nursing assignment, taking time off in between nursing jobs or joining the hospital as a permanent employee. American Traveler gives you a multitude of options and you decide what’s best for you.  American Traveler long term cash bonuses , referral bonuses, travel awards and RN travel job benefits become particularly attractive over time.

Q. What is the Ultimate Travel Nurse Experience with American Traveler? How do I make it happen?

A. The American Traveler ultimate travel nurse job is one where you explore career opportunities at the finest healthcare facilities in the country and work with advanced medical technologies and practitioners. You make it happen by choosing the travel nursing destination and our dedicated staff of professionals will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Q. How do I get started as a travel nurse with American Traveler?

A. It's as easy as 1-2-3 to apply online or to call 800-884-8788 and speak to an American Traveler expert Consultant. We can do everything over the phone and online. Should you be a qualified nurse candidate, you may even have a travel nurse job by the end of the day.

Q. Does American Traveler place nurse anesthetists in locum tenens jobs?

A. American Traveler finds candidates for many travel nurse jobs across the nation, but we do not place nurse anesthetists in locum tenens jobs.

Q. Can a graduate nurse get a travel nurse job?

A. A travel nurse career is an option for nurses with a minimum of 12 months of acute care clinical experience. The best option for graduate nurses, without the required experience, is to fill out an application profile with us and receive future travel nurse job information. Once you have 12 months of acute care clinical experience, come back and update your application profile with the latest job(s) you had in the last 12 months; then, you will be ready to apply for travel nurse jobs nationwide. Travel nurses get a chance to see new places, expand their resume and work at some of the country's top facilities. As a travel nurse you can choose jobs close to home or anywhere across the nation. Click here for more graduate nurse job information.

Graduate nurses can leave a profile in our database for future travel nurse job opportunities.


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