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This blog is where we share news about trends in healthcare staffing, the best places to work, the best-paying jobs, and any industry updates that affect travel nurses. We've got useful resources for you to explore, fun photos, videos and lists galore. If you're just starting to look into travel nursing, this is a great place to begin. And if you're a seasoned traveler, we think you'll find plenty of information here to enhance your experience with travel nursing.

Travel nurses Jessica and Robyn both CC, RN's on assignment in Seattle, WA.
Pictured above are travel nurses Jessica M., CC, RN and Robyn R., CC, RN on assignment in Seattle, Washington. Beginning each year on May 6 and ending on May 12, National Nurses Week is an opportunity for communities to show their appreciation to the nurses who care for them. For many health care...Read more
Travel nurse and friends snowboarding in Colorado on assignment
Registered nurse Kelsie is originally from Dothan, Alabama, but she's worked all over the United States, from Washington to Colorado. "I want to see as many parks, forests, mountain ranges, oceans, great rivers, etc as I can," she says. "I've always had an itch to travel and knew that one day I...Read more
Mother holding her baby in labor and delivery room
A labor and delivery (L&D) travel nursing career is a great choice for nurses who are eager to care for women during pregnancy and childbirth while living in interesting new locations. What Is Labor and Delivery Nursing? A labor and delivery nurse has the important role of assisting families...Read more
Nurses and Social Media
Social media presents fantastic opportunities for nurses to connect with other healthcare professionals. Being active on social media allows you to share your passion for nursing, as well as finding out about conferences and educational opportunities. When you use social media in the right way, it...Read more
Travel Nurse Kristen with her dog Luke in Steamboat Springs, CO
Kristin Finds Adventure through American Traveler Hungry for new challenges and eager to see the country, Operating Room Tech, Kristin R., checked many professional staffing sites before settling on American Traveler. One big reason she chose American Traveler was because of Luke, her two-year-old...Read more
Chicago River Green for St. Patrick's Day
On March 17 everyone is Irish! Few people have better access to this holiday’s hot spots than travel nurses! For travel nurses in New York nursing jobs , or on assignments in equally coveted places like Massachusetts, Louisiana, Illinois or D.C., the possibilities around this time of year are...Read more
Travel nurse on the road to an exciting adventure
Travel nursing is unlike any other profession, offering excitement and the chance to meet new friends with every trip. Of course, as with any vocation, it makes sense to learn from seasoned pros. With that in mind, American Traveler initiated a LinkedIn conversation and asked for suggestions from...Read more
Travel Nurse Stephanie prepared for her mission trip to Nicaragua.
Stephanie B. is a traveling ICU nurse who goes on travel assignments with American Traveler . Equally impressive, she spends time each year providing free health care to impoverished communities. Her charitable giving, which her career facilitates, is truly an inspiration. A Volunteer is Born...Read more
How to Prevent Zika Virus Infection
The Zika Virus: What Nurses Need to Know Recently, concern has been growing over the Zika virus, which is sweeping across South America, with an additional 35 reported cases in the United States. As Zika has potentially serious effects on developing fetuses, it is important to know how to prevent,...Read more
 Top 4 Travel Nurse Job Destinations to End Winter Blues
Many people, buried in snow, are still reeling from Winter Storm Jonas, which pummeled the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions in January. Some of those folks probably get chilly sensations just thinking about shoveling. Applying for a travel nurse position someplace where the temperatures stay...Read more
Working Nurses Get Extraordinary 24/7 Customer Support
For American Traveler to consistently arrange the ultimate travel nursing assignment for our working nurses, we know we must not only manage the important details flawlessly but do the extraordinary little things that other travel nursing agencies may not offer. At American Traveler, we believe...Read more
Travel Nurse First Day
Tips and Positive Affirmations for a Travel Nurse Career American Traveler congratulates our recent hires on landing the ultimate in therapist and registered nurse jobs ! You’re well poised for rapid career advancement in travel nurse jobs offering top pay and benefits package that include health...Read more

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