Social Media May Impact Nurse Jobs Search More than You Think

Social Media is a lot of fun. It’s fantastic for sharing your life with family and friends. In the travel nursing world, it has become invaluable in journaling exploits and professional networking

FREE CEU Course for Working Travel Nurses Helps Keep RNs Safe in Cyberspace

Social Media is a lot of fun. It’s ideal for sharing photos and stories with family and friends and in the travel nursing world has become invaluable in journaling exploits and networking professionally. But caution is to be had for nurses engaging Social Media, especially innurse jobs search and communicating in online forums.

To help working nurses maximize the use of Social Media while protecting themselves from getting stuck in a permanent nurse cyber-rut, American Traveler benefits include FREE CEU Courses. Topics include Social Networking; Putting Your Best Post Forward,plus many more educational topics of professional importance.

The goal of the course is to inform nurses about the impact social networking has on their professional image and careers. With more healthcare employers searching Social Media websites everyday for potential candidates, the last thing any nurse needs is to be found unintentionally violating patient privacy or posting controversial comments or pictures on a Facebook page.

Even if a nurse deletes or edits compromising Internet content, it’s typically already cached on a server somewhere. By using legitimate channels, employers conducting background checks and the courts can harvest it, experts say.

“Taken in the wrong context, content posted to the Internet can do irreparable damage to a nurse career,” said American Traveler Clinical Liaison, Deb Bacurin, RN.

Learn More about the Social Media CE course – talk too an American Traveler consultant to learn how you can take this course for free. Call us at 800-884-8788

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Liability for nurses engaging Social Media is imminent and altogether can be unintentional. Next week,  American Traveler will list tips on avoiding conflict in the cyber nurse world. Your career may depend on it. Stay tuned!

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Monday February 06, 2012

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