Nurse Staffing Study Shows Positive Job Outlook for Travel Nurses

American Traveler confirms results of a recently published nurse staffing study on how hospital labor costs can be curbed by staffing with travel nurses.
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American Traveler Staffing Professionals confirms results of a recently published nurse staffing study on how hospital labor costs can be curbed by staffing with travel nurses. Productivity costs and time-to-fill rates associated with hiring full time RN’s are making the quality and immediate access of travel nurses attractive to hospitals. Facilities surveyed by professional services firm KPMG reported an average 12 percent increase in nurse staffing costs in 2010, with the trend expected to continue.

Many healthcare employers are planning to increase the use of supplemental labor as a means of filling critical RN jobs with travel nurses, boosting nurse quality and reducing nurse staffing costs. Hospitals report the rapid hire rates of travel nurses can trim overall labor costs and save organizations time. The hiring trend for travel nurse jobs remains positive, with more growth expected.

Thursday June 16, 2011

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