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This blog is where we share news about trends in healthcare staffing, the best places to work, the best-paying jobs, and any industry updates that affect travel nurses. We've got useful resources for you to explore, fun photos, videos and lists galore. If you're just starting to look into travel nursing, this is a great place to begin. And if you're a seasoned traveler, we think you'll find plenty of information here to enhance your experience with travel nursing.

Nursing personality type test for career success
It may be helpful to understand your nursing personality type if you’re considering becoming a registered nurse (RN) or are fairly new to the profession. Psychometric testing has been gaining popularity with human resource departments across the country and in every industry. Future nurses can...Read more
Happy travel nurse paying less income taxes
Traveling RNs are generally paid significantly more than they would as a permanent hospital employee. And with higher pay, one normally expects higher income taxes. But there are a number of expense reimbursements associated with travel nursing that are not considered taxable income and need to be...Read more
MS World Day - May 27, 2015
Past RN Traveler, Stephanie Butler, a neurology nurse is an indefatigable advocate for muscular sclerosis (MS) awareness, writing scholarly articles on the subject for her nursing peers, and appearing in educational and political forums that bring the disease to the forefront of the healthcare...Read more
Happy Physical Therapist with patient
Year after year, allied healthcare careers enjoy a positive showing in employment figures at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, especially physical therapy jobs. In May 2014, the BLS posted an annual median wage of *$83,940. Comparing this against 2012 figures, physical therapy salaries are...Read more
OR Nurse on 10th Assignment Shares Exotic Itineraries
Sean C., OR RN says he’s not sure of the exact number of assignments he’d completed with American Traveler. “They just keep getting extended,” he laughs. “I started traveling with AT just before Christmas in 2010, when I worried it might be difficult to get a good nursing job. Turns out I didn’t...Read more
Care Plans Streamline the Nursing Process
Comprehensive care plans are an important component of the nursing process. They outline the steps to be changed and used as a guide in order to achieve the desired outcome for your patients. While nursing care plans are mainly devised for RNs and LPNs, other medical staff such as doctors,...Read more
National Nurses Week: Inspiring Ways to Honor RNs
The month of May is almost here, an exciting time for RNs especially as The American Nurses Association gets ready to celebrate National Nurses Week, May 6 -12, 2015. This year’s theme is “Ethical Practice. Quality Care”, and comes on the heels of ANA announcing a complete update to the Code of...Read more
Stephanie B. Neurogy RN
Since working as a travel nurse with American Traveler, Stephanie has gone on to pursue licensure as a Nurse Practitioner, promoting MS awareness every step of the way.Read more
Direct Deposit on Payday for Travel Nurses
Working nurses have many different reasons for choosing travel nursing. But whatever the reason, travel nurses appreciate timely deposits of their payroll and travel reimbursements.Read more
5 Ways Twitter Helps Registered Nurses
At nearly 3 million** strong, RNs are a vital part of the U.S. healthcare landscape, promoting health and wellness, patient education and high quality medical care. RNs have relevant, useful things to say and share, about what’s happening in their field, with their pick in social media platforms...Read more
Trail Blazing Travel Nurses:  Where Are They Going, Where Have They Been?
Almost nothing compares to traveling with your best friends. Who better to illustrate that point than these working nurses, blazing a career path through some of the most interesting cities on the U.S. map! With the help of their healthcare recruiter, Karen Stegeman, Hayley B. and Jessica A. began...Read more
Maine's Aging Nurse Workforce brings more Opportunities for Young RNs
There are more reasons than miles of endless beach and hiking trails to convince a travel nurse to work in Maine. There is also compelling employment data, like the fact that the average age of RNs in this state is **50.6, three years older than the national average, and a big part of the reason...Read more
Free Private Housing benefit with pool and more amenities in Arizona travel nurse jobs
Free private housing for nurses and therapists taking traveling jobs with American Traveler; housing locations in AZ, CA, FL, WA, TX.

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