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The Traveler Times Newsletter is published in our Travel Nursing Blog. Catch up on travel nursing news, healthcare industry events, and see some of the latest adventures of our intrepid traveling RN's.

This blog is where we share news about trends in healthcare staffing, the best places to work, the best-paying jobs, and any industry updates that affect travel nurses. We've got useful resources for you to explore, fun photos, videos and lists galore. If you're just starting to look into travel nursing, this is a great place to begin. And if you're a seasoned traveler, we think you'll find plenty of information here to enhance your experience with travel nursing.

What RNs in Washington Should Know About the Death with Dignity Act
Registered nurses, particularly those working in hospice, palliative care or home health jobs are expected to know their employer’s policies regarding end of life decisions. In 2009, Washington became the second state (after Oregon) to pass the Death With Dignity Act, legislation that allows...Read more
Daisy Award Nomination for American Traveler travel nurse
The Sunshine State is just a little bit brighter with working nurses like Vickie S., Med/Surge travel RN . This American Traveler was nominated by her patients, their families, and hospital staff for The Daisy Award , an internationally known honor bestowed upon nurses who demonstrate an...Read more
Working Nurse in Washington D.C. Says “What’s Not to Love?”
Laura (left) with her twin sister, who just flew in for a visit. Laura H,, RN, a PACU nurse on her first travel assignment couldn’t be happier. She moved into a town house in the well-known neighborhood of DuPont Circle on Black Friday and is, months later, not minding the cold as she and her...Read more
401(k) Plans can’t Grow Money on Trees but they are the Next Best Thing!
Traveling RNs and therapists who join the American Traveler team are immediately eligible to participate in our 401(k) retirement savings plan. The plan is designed to provide you with pre-tax savings deducted from your paycheck before income tax is applied. Once you meet the plan’s eligibility...Read more
How to Choose the Right Travel Nursing Agency
Not all travel nurse agencies are created equal and there can be significant differences from pay rates and benefits to assignment opportunities and client support. Whatever your reasons for investigating the benefits of travel nursing jobs, it pays both figuratively and literally, to compare...Read more
Working Nurse in Colorado Gives "Homerun Advice"
When American Traveler caught up with Erin F., RN, a med surg/telemetry nurse on her second travel assignment in Denver, Colorado, the effervescent healthcare professional was excited about an upcoming day off. “I’m going to have lunch with an old friend, a sorority sister I haven’t seen in years...Read more
Working Nurses Get Extraordinary 24/7 Customer Support
For American Traveler to consistently arrange the ultimate travel nursing assignment to our working nurses, we know we must not only manage the important details flawlessly but do the extraordinary little things that other travel nursing agencies may not offer. At American Traveler, we believe that...Read more
AAA Coverage Keeps Healthcare Professionals & their Families Safe on the Road
American Traveler encourages therapists and registered nurses on assignment to bring family, friends and pets along to make their travel assignment more enjoyable. The AAA membership subsidy is our way of helping to keep families safe while commuting to and from nursing assignments. That’s just one...Read more
Home Health RN Loves Maine
Cindy and her boyfriend in Camden, Maine where the pair hopes to ski before the end of her assignment Cindy S., RN is a first-time Traveler, transitioning from more than 11 years working in hospice to a home healthcare job in Rockland, Maine . So far the assignment is straight out of the pages of a...Read more
VIP Customer Support
Traveling RNs can be assured that American Traveler is available for them round-the-clock to offer support and resolve urgent issues large or small. Our “Rapid Response Time” initiative guarantees that your phone calls are promptly returned, in under 10 minutes on average, and resolved to your...Read more
Annette B. RN Working in Wilmington, NC
Annette B., RN on Topsail Island with her 3 dogs, Wilmington, NC. For over a decade, Annette B., RN worked happily in a permanent staff position. Now, this oncology nurse is even happier, doing something she always dreamed of: traveling! Annette applied to several staffing companies before American...Read more
Teresa B. CVOR, RN working in Texas
Teresa B., Certified Operating Room Tech traveling in Texas. She recently finished an assignment in Corpus Christie and is now working in Houston, at a renowned teaching hospital . Teresa says that working here has been quite a learning experience, elaborating: “This assignment is my first exposure...Read more
Free Private Housing benefit with pool and more amenities in Arizona travel nurse jobs
Free private housing for nurses and therapists taking traveling jobs with American Traveler; housing locations in AZ, CA, FL, WA, TX.

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