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The Traveler Times Newsletter is published in our Travel Nursing Blog. Catch up on travel nursing news, healthcare industry events, and see some of the latest adventures of our intrepid traveling RN's.

This blog is where we share news about trends in healthcare staffing, the best places to work, the best-paying jobs, and any industry updates that affect travel nurses. We've got useful resources for you to explore, fun photos, videos and lists galore. If you're just starting to look into travel nursing, this is a great place to begin. And if you're a seasoned traveler, we think you'll find plenty of information here to enhance your experience with travel nursing.

A Resource for Working RNs Caring for Patients Affected by Down Syndrome
Working nurses in Massachusetts, especially those in Labor & Delivery , the NICU or in their hospital’s Mother and Baby ward have an excellent resource in the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC). According to the National Down Syndrome Society, one in every 691 babies born in the United...Read more
Exercise Tips for Busy RNs:  Work Out Without Leaving the House
Most healthcare professionals agree that daily exercise is a fundamental part of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Some working nurses get a head start, thanks to flexible jobs, and living in private housing with great gyms, swimming pools and other ways to stay active in their communities—...Read more
Traveling RNs & Therapists Stay Safe with our AAA Membership Subsidy
At American Traveler, the health and safety of our employees is of prime importance. We offer several benefits to help ensure the well-being of our traveling RNs and therapists. An important one with many of our travel professionals is the AAA membership subsidy. This benefit provides peace of mind...Read more
Working Nurse in El Paso, Texas Inspires Us with Details of 1st Assignment
Kiarah P., RN is an inspiration to healthcare professionals who want to take their careers on the road. The first time traveler has cared for patients of all ages, from a skilled nursing home facility to home health pediatrics. Now that she’s working in El Paso, TX the med surg nurse has joined...Read more
RNs Take Note Top 5 U.S. Spring States for Nurses
It’s a happy coincidence that working nurses love these locations as much as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, where the BLS reports encouraging employment data. From one coast to the other and nestled in between, some states outperform others in terms of what they can offer those in the...Read more
Weekly Payroll Direct deposit for RNs on Assignment
At American Traveler, we understand that registered nurses on assignment need to have access to their pay and travel reimbursements while away from home. For many working nurses, there are still mortgages to pay, bills to remit and car payments to make, so having access to your pay makes life so...Read more
High Pay and Bonuses for Specialty Nursing Jobs
Exceptional salaries and bonuses sounds like the compensation of corporate executives rather than for allied health and nursing jobs. But experienced traveling healthcare professionals are already earning more than $70,000 in annual wages, plus referral bonuses, comprehensive benefits, employer-...Read more
Free Private Housing in top US Locations for working travel nurses
Of the many wonderful benefits that registered nurses on assignment receive, it’s the free private housing that elicits the most comments. The reason for that is that American Traveler Housing Specialists are experts at finding suitable housing for you and your traveling companions. We put you in...Read more
Infographic - Expert Tips on How to Get Your First Travel Nurse Job
8 Expert Tips on How to Get Your First Travel Nurse Job Take Your Time to Make Yourself Shine – A thorough and accurate RN job application is absolutely worth your time. Include your entire work history since passing your nursing boards, along with your skills checklists. Brag about Yourself or Don...Read more
401(k) Plan Contributions for Traveling RNs Add Up Quickly, Tax-Free!
Traveling RNs with American Traveler are immediately eligible for enrollment in the company’s 401(k) retirement plan . Working nurses can allocate a portion of their earnings to tax-deferred savings and when eligible also receive an employer contribution that creates an instant return on their...Read more
Charles L. working nurse in San Francisco area
Charles L., RN, a psychiatric nurse in the San Francisco Bay Area has plenty of reasons for wanting to stay in California. Having joined American Traveler 9 months ago, he’s taken to the travel nurse lifestyle like a duck to water—or more aptly put for a resident on the Northern California Coast,...Read more
What Arizona Nurses Need to Know About Their Native American Patients
When working nurses travel to Arizona, they are enchanted by the Native American culture that awaits them. The Indian reservations and preserved natural lands of the O’odham, Yaqui, Yuman and Pai Tribes—to name a few—account for a large patient population here in the awe-inspiring desert. The...Read more
Free Private Housing benefit with pool and more amenities in Arizona travel nurse jobs
Free private housing for nurses and therapists taking traveling jobs with American Traveler; housing locations in AZ, CA, FL, WA, TX.

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