Travel Nurse Infographics

Our travel nurse infographics provide quick and useful information for RNs and allied professionals.

Travel Nursing Career Infographics

Share this infographics page with other travel nurses and healthcare professionals. Our  infographics provide quick and useful information about the essentials of travel nursing. Everyone knows a picture can tell a story, so here are some great infographics with helpful tips, results from surveys, and statistics relating to careers in travel nursing. With eye-catching infographics, it's easy to keep track of travel nursing basics and even share a smile with your friends and coworkers. Check back often to see what’s new!

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Infographic - Expert Tips on How to Get Your First Travel Nurse Job
This infographic gives nurse's tips on how to successfully land a travel nurse job for the first time...
Phone Interview Infographic
Infographic guide for phone interview tips made easy for travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals taking travel assignments.




Top 5 Spring States for Travel Nursing Infographic
Here’s a snap shot of the spring season in the 5 states currently posting the most nursing jobs.
Infographic tips for travel nurses with Pets
This infographic is a guide for travel nurses bringing pets on assignment.
Nurses New Year's Resolutions
Travel Nurse Infographic guide for a RN travel job on their New Year's Resolutions...
Halloween for Nurses
Here's our Halloween fun infographic that lays out the pros and cons of costume-day for RN's...