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Earn a generous bonus when you refer a friend or colleague to American Traveler!

Earn a Bonus When You Refer a Friend

We offer the highest salaries and generous completion bonuses to travel nurses and therapists while on assignment with American Traveler. And it doesn't stop there. We want to see you traveling with your friends and new acquaintances, too. As an added incentive, we offer a healthcare professionals a REFERRAL BONUS plan that is unequaled. Referral bonuses are paid to you, for paying us your highest compliment: referring other healthcare professionals to our organization! Our state-of-the-art software tracks every new referral, so you enjoy the benefits of bigger paychecks when you least expect it!

Travel Nurse Referral Bonus Program - $500 to $1,000

New Higher Bonuses Effective for Referrals on or After February 6, 2014

To qualify for the Referral Bonus Program, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Referral bonuses just got better! Refer a healthcare professional / RN in the following specialties: OR, L&D, PICU, NICU and become eligible to receive $1,000 per candidate
  • Refer a healthcare professional /RN in most other healthcare specialties including: Cath Lab RN, PACU, ER, Critical Care, M/S, Peds, Dialysis, Case Management, Telemetry, PCU, Home Health, ORT, and Allied Professionals, and become eligible to receive $500 per candidate
  • Must be an *eligible traveler
  • Your referral must apply and complete a 13-week travel assignment

*To be eligible for payment of a referral bonus you are required to have successfully completed at least one assignment with American Traveler, and your current employment status must be in good standing.

It's that easy. Simply fill out the form on this page or call your recruiter to refer a friend today.

Referral Program Rules & Eligibility Requirements

Earn a referral bonus when you refer a friend. Earlier bonus offers may not be currently active. Ask your American Traveler recruiter for details. Referrals can be submitted using the following methods below, with both your full name and the full name and contact information of your referral:

  • Fill out online referral form on this page.
  • Hand out the Refer-All card, click to download Refer-All card, and have your referral call us at 800-884-8788. Be sure they identify you as the referrer when they call in.
  • Mail in the Refer-All card with your referral’s contact information included and your recruiter will call them as soon as they receive the card.
  • Ask your referral to call us at 800-884-8788 and ask for your recruiter; be sure they mention that you referred them.
  • Ask your referral to apply online and be sure to list your full name on their application.
  • To qualify you for the referral bonus, the referred candidate must be a new candidate for American Traveler. A new candidate is defined as a candidate who is not already in our database.
  • To be eligible for payment of a referral bonus you are required to have successfully completed at least one travel nurse job with American Traveler and your current American Traveler employment status must be in good standing.
  • To qualify you for the referral bonus your referral must begin an assignment within one year of their application date and they must successfully complete a 13 week assignment. Successful completion of an assignment is defined as working 13 weeks and at least 468 hours for 36 hour work weeks and 520 hours for 40 hour work weeks.
  • In the event that a new candidate is referred by more than one traveler, the first one received will be considered the referral and a bonus will only be paid to that original referrer.
  • In the event that two new candidates apply at the same time and refer each other only one referral bonus will be paid. The bonus will be paid to the candidate who made the initial contact with American Traveler.



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