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PBDS Testing

PBDS Test for RN jobs; FAQs, critical thinking in various clinical scenarios to help travel nurses; learn more now about PBDS Nurse Test.

Travel Nurses Need to Pass the PBDS Assessment First Time Around

As part of providing travel nurses with the resources they need to thrive in today's competitive nursing jobs environment, American Traveler has assembled a PBDS (Performance Based Development System) resource that answers many of the questions traveling nurses (or nurses looking for travel RN jobs) have about this nurse competency test.

We invite you to download this resource and/or email it to travel nursing colleagues or graduate nurses who wish to learn more about nurse competency testing as a traveling nurse.  PBDS assessment testing has been around since 1985. It’s currently utilized by nearly 800 healthcare employers nationwide and is growing in popularity.

Nursing Test Overview

The PBDS nurse competency test usually takes 4-6 hours and is entirely narrative – no multiple choice. This means the ability to communicate methods and observations on paper is critical to passing. Registered Nurses:

  1. View video vignettes of various clinical scenarios
  2. Identify threats to patient safety and stability
  3. Determine interventions based on applied knowledge

The PBDS nursing test evaluates travel nurses' ability to critically think and manage clinical situations in a timely, appropriate manner. Healthcare employers that utilize the PBDS assessment typically don't give travel nurses a second chance if they don't meet a rating of "acceptable" the first time around. This is because hospitals expect a high caliber nursing candidate when filling travel nurse jobs, so their tolerance for failure is low in this regard.

To learn more about travel nurse testing, nursing jobs or which hospitals utilize the PBDS assessment to measure the nurse competency of traveling nurses, call American Traveler at 800-884-8788 or apply online today.

Many travel nursing jobs require PBDS testing

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