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American Traveler has the most unique assignments in the industry and the best benefits and pay!
Travel to exotic locations like Cruz Bay in the Virgin Islands

Traveling Nurse RN at American Traveler, Stephanie C.

Stephanie is currently on her fourteenth travel nursing assignment with American Traveler. She's a 29-year-old Emergency Room RN who's been on the road for four years and travels with two cat friends, Karlie and Smokey. Until she sees all the sights, admits the Critical Care nurse, she has no intention of settling down. "I don't know exactly what the future holds," said Stephanie, "but for now, I'm travel nursing."

American Traveler high pay & benefits allowed Stephanie to treat her family to an all-expense-paid Disney Cruise

As a result of American Traveler high pay and benefits, Stephanie was able to treat her family to an all expense paid Disney Cruise to the "Private Island" and to ports of call Cozumel and Grand Cayman. Her Kentucky parents had never been out of the country - and never on a cruise - and were fascinated by the activities, food and overall experience of being on the ship. "They always dreamed of doing something like this," she said, "but never got the opportunity. Had I not been a travel nurse, we probably would've never gone."

Why I travel with American Traveler

"The security of knowing that even the little things get taken care of right away is reassuring. That's what I go with American Traveler"

I ’ve been a travel nurse now for four years and American Traveler has been the only travel nurse company I’ve engaged. They’ve truly been there every step of the way for me. They went to bat for me at the hospital when I was injured on the job and relocated me immediately when I explained that, at one apartment complex, there was only one washer and dryer for twelve units. They also found me another travel nurse assignment in hours after I arrived at one hospital only to find my contract canceled. Client Services is impeccable at American Traveler and although the pay is excellent, money isn’t always everything.-- Stephanie C., American Traveler RN

"Stephanie's consultant, Amy Roll, exemplifies the service you can expect from American Traveler. Amy's tenure and experience, attention -to-detail, and dedication to her Traveler's needs are evident in everything she does." -- Mary Kay Hull, Vice President of Recruitment.

One third of all American Travelers travel with pets! Stephanie has been a travel nurse most of her professional life is one of thousands of nurse professionals who prefer travel nursing to a permanent staff position.

"Although there are pros and cons to being a travel nurse," she says, "the freedom, pay and American Traveler benefits allow me to go, see and do more."

Travel nursing showed me the Rapid Infuser

"There's no doubt about it, travel nursing has exposed me to procedures, medical technologies and opportunities not always found in permanent positions." While working at a Level I Trauma Center in California I had learned how to use a Rapid Infuser - the device used to warm and quickly infuse multiple units of blood and large amounts of IV fluids into patients who are hemodynamically unstable. Victims of serious car accidents, bullet wounds, stabbing, internal bleeding, septic shock, burns etc. I used it three and four times a night and saved lives in the process. Although I'm not in the habit of bragging about how much I know when starting a new assignment, my supervisor was aware that I was proficient in using the equipment and called on me to train others. -- Stephanie C., American Traveler RN

Those who I taught were nervous at first because rapid infusers are typically used when fluid loss is imminent and lives are at stake. It also requires complete focus and attention so fluids don't run dry - an incredible responsibility. Needless to say, more nurses now know how to use a Level I Rapid Infuser because this travel nurse showed them.

Best Kept Travel Nurse Secrets of  2008

Five extraordinary travel nurse destinations are fast becoming seasonal gems, say travel nursing experts at American Traveler. Places a little off the beaten path but which offer diverse lifestyle, career good fortune and a fascinating look at American culture.

Travel nurse jobs in these out-of-the-way locations pay well and the benefits are superb!

Travel Nursing Gem - Hilo

Hilo is a small scale university town on the Big Island of Hawaii and is alive with bookstores, coffee shops, unique emporiums and boutiques. The locals are very friendly here and enjoy sharing age-old island traditions and lore with visiting travel nurses. Hilo fisherman bring fresh Wahoo, tuna and mahi mahi to the docks daily and over 100 local farmers and crafters sell produce, wares, gift items and tropical flowers at the Hilo Farmers Market year-round.

Days on the beach are delightful with ocean dips that are healing to the soul; the tropical nightlife in Hilo is described as 'soothing' by our Travel Nurses experts. Chocolate-dipped shortbreads from Big Island Candies are worth the trip alone and says the Hilo Coffee Mill roasts some of the finest beans in all of Hawaii. You can even buy them green to roast at home. Some travel nurses leave for Hilo never to return. Call 800.884.8788 or apply online today!

Travel Nursing Gem- Kansas City

Which one you ask? American Traveler has travel nurse assignments in both Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri - two American cities with tremendous history and fascinating sights, sounds and flavors. While Kansas City, Missouri is famous for cowboys, rodeos and the most "sizzling" steaks west of the Mississippi; Kansas City, Kansas has its roots in blues and jazz, promotes a vibrant arts scene and is well-known for cutting-edge American cuisine. If you're considering an urban travel nurse destination in coming months, Kansas City should come to mind. Hospital nurse environments are top-notch and advanced medical technologies are in play. Kansas City here I come! Call 800.884.8788 or apply online today.

Travel Nursing Gem- Buffalo

Buffalo, New York is home to the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo wings, buffalo meat and the University of Buffalo. And let's not forget the incredible snowfalls that will provide great travel nurse memories and stories. The "Queen City" is close to Niagara Falls and Lake Erie and is bustling year-round with world-class restaurants, shops, attractions and nightlife.

Travel nurses will find lots of Irish, Polish and Italian influence in Buffalo, along with a diverse cultural landscape which continues to attract young people and new graduates to the area. High-tech and healthcare is booming in Buffalo and travel nurse jobs pay handsomely. Don't let this opportunity pass. Whether you like mild, medium or hot, Buffalo has it all.Call 800.884.8788 or apply online today.

Travel Nursing Gem- Sitka

Sometimes referred to as Sitka by the Sea, this Alaskan coastal island was settled by the native Tlingit Indians hundreds of years ago and is influenced by 19th Century Russia in both architecture and culture. It's situated in the Alexander Archipelago - where it doesn't get much warmer than 60 degrees in summer or much colder than 30 degrees in winter - making it temperate and convenient for travel nurses to explore.

Sitka is the largest city in the U.S. in terms of area and is home to Mount Edgecumbe, the 3,200 feet dormant stratovolcano located south of the city on Kruzof Island. Polar Bears roam Sitka and the landscape is rugged and wild. Day cruises and guided tours of the Alaskan countryside are popular travel nurse attractions and outdoor recreation opportunities are virtually unlimited. There's always a fire burning in the home and in the heart in Sitka, Alaska. Call 800.884.8788 or apply online today.

Travel Nursing Gem- Eau Claire

Ever go dog sledding? You can in the northwestern Wisconsin town of Eau Claire, located in Chippewa Valley and part of "Unexpected Wisconsin." The woods here are home to dozens of dogsled outfitters who offer everything from a simple ride on a sled to a full day's course in "mushing." Snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding are popular travel nurse pastimes in this winter wonderland and hunting deer, bear and ruffed grouse are local favorites.

Travel nurse accommodations in Eau Claire are extremely cozy and the winters quiet and solemn. Hot chocolate never tasted as good as it does in Eau Claire where travel nurses bundle up for seasonal exploits and cuddle by the fire. Call 800.884.8788 or apply online today. The pay is extraordinary.

American Traveler has the most unique assignments in the industry and the best benefits and pay!

American Traveler is now scheduling interviews for high-paying, winter travel nurse assignments. Don’t miss out. Call 800.884.8788 or apply online today. Want to get away from the cold and head to Florida, Arizona, California or Texas for the winter? We’ve got travel nurse jobs there too!

American Traveler nurse jobs are your gateway to cruise adventure

 We have high-paying travel nurse jobs in Gulf Coast cities such as Houston, New Orleans and Tampa, where cruise ships leave regularly for ports in Acapulco, Panama and exotic Belize. Travel nurse positions in Miami and Palm Beach put you "oh-so-close" to the Bahamas and Jamaica and fast boats take you to Bimini and Key West. Luxury liners leaving for Alaska and Vancouver - where polar bears roam and sled dogs play - are just a stones throw from travel nurse jobs in Seattle, Astoria and Sitka.

Cruise vacations combine important travel elements such as safety, variety, affordability and pampering, say travel experts at MSNBC. Cruise vacations are more popular than ever and planning a cruise has never been easier, reports Travel Trade.

"High pay is important among the younger generation of travel nurses, but work environment and flexibility top the list." A report from Randall Travel Marketing indicates that Generation X and Y nurses may be more inclined to travel than the generation before. The freedom, detachment and desire to explore are higher up on their list of needs and their thirst for diversity is clearly a priority.

We find housing for family, friends and pets at American Traveler! Call 800-884-8788 or apply online today.

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