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More Career Options for Travel Nurses

Wondering where your career might take you after travel nursing? There are plenty of more career options for travel nurses with experience.

Corporate Nursing Careers: A Next-Step After Travel Nursing

Travel nursing can be a natural transition into a variety of nursing careers. If you're thinking about working in a corporate or academic setting, the experience that you gain while traveling could give you an advantage over other candidates.

Clinical Coordinator in a  travel nurse agency

Clinical Coordinators thoroughly review candidate qualifications and determine eligibility based on experience, skills and attitude. They’re an indispensible resource for American Traveler nurse clients seeking advice on clinical matters. Criteria reviewed by Clinical Coordinators include number of years in nurse specialty, overall work experience, familiarity with various medical technologies, licensure, clinical evaluations, references and testing competency. Responsible for pre-screening and pre-qualifying each potential traveling nurse candidate to effectively match nurse specialties with client hospital needs. Prequalifies and submits travel nurses for posted hospital positions.

Nursing Recruiter for a travel nurse agency

Nursing Recruiters use their nursing experience and knowledge of job-specific requirements to assist RN applicants in finding a job that best suits their personal and professional objectives. Consultants pay close attention to both the needs of nurse candidates and those of client hospitals. Provides traveling nurse ongoing client service and support before, during, and after every travel nurse job. Ensures that travel nurses are taking full advantage of American Traveler benefits.

Clinical Documentation Liaison in a healthcare staffing company

The Clinical Documentation Liaison tracks and maintains all documents pertaining to hospital staffing requirements and travel nursing jobs. This position requires an intimate knowledge of licensure, nursing standards, nurse education, healthcare regulations and ethics, making it an ideal career choice for nurses looking for a career change of pace. Provides travel nurse candidates with information and resources needed to meet corporate and client facility requirements. Maintains current on  new regulations, requirements as well as “gold” standards of nursing care.

Corporate nursing career benefits

Work in a dynamic team-oriented organization, with smart, talented individuals like yourself! Take your career to new heights in a professional, enthusiastic atmosphere with benefits such as:

  • Medical/Dental Health Insurance
  • Educational Assistance
  • Paid Sick/Personal/Vacation days
  • Incentives and Bonuses
  • Paid Holidays
  • Company matched 401(k)
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