Staffing Management

Healthcare Staffing Experience

With over 25 years of hospital travel nurse staffing experience, the executive management team of American Traveler has conducted business with over 75% of the top rated hospitals in the United States. Our clients are assured of working with an organization that operates at the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and sound management principals.

Hospital Clients Supplement Permanent Staff with Experienced Travelers

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with multiple branch offices located in the southeastern United States, American Traveler has become recognized in the travel nurse industry as a top Traveling Nurse Company in the U.S. Just a few of our distinguishing accomplishments include:

  • American Traveler provides travel nurse staffing to over 3,500 hospitals nationwide,  including services to six statewide hospital associations and the three largest hospital healthcare systems in the U.S.A.
  • Our Hospital client base includes 75% of the U.S. News Best Rated Hospitals
  • We find healthcare employers top-notch travel nurse job candidates
  • American Traveler cater’s to areas of the U.S. where skilled workers are scarce
  • American Traveler has one of the highest retention rates of Travelers in the industry
  • Integrate expert Consultants with information technology for cutting-edge account management
  • Train corporate travel nurse staff to meet and exceed the unique needs of every client through ongoing human resources training and performance review
  • Employ experienced RN Coordinators, Payroll, Housing, and Client Service Representatives
  • Simplify the staffing process by coordinating operations online
  • Highly rated client testimonials and compliance audit scores

Versatile, Flexible and Experienced: Travel Nurse Candidates

Young and old, more and more Registered Nurses are switching to travel nurse jobs and not looking back. We specialize in travel nurse staffing in major cities, resort destinations and rural communities nationwide. Who are our Travel Nurses?

  • Midcareer RNs find travel nurse jobs to be a nice change of pace after working in the same healthcare facility for a number of years. Traveling nurses find new beginnings, new relationships – a new outlook. Travel nurse jobs offer satisfaction and career stability.
  • RNs experiencing a cap in pay and cut in benefits switch to travel nursing to remedy this problem. Salaries for permanent staff continue to flat line while pay for travel nurse jobs offer perks of seeing the country and more.
  • RNs suffering from burnout are overworked; traveling nurses at American Traveler report that Travel Nurse Jobs Boost Morale
  • Married RNs find great satisfaction in travel nursing employment. Married travel nurses get to spend more time together, save tons of money and share the excitement of traveling to new places, trying new things and meeting new people together.
  • Single RNs live well in travel nurse jobs. Luxury accommodations are rent free and RN jobs' benefits and earnings are superior to permanent positions. Single travel nurses often find true love on assignment, get married or simply have the time of their lives meeting people, dating and making lifelong friends.
  • Aging RNs prefer three day work weeks. Travel nurse jobs are ideal for working through retirement and an alternative to leaving the profession early.

American Traveler is a travel nurse company with expertise in not only travel nurse staffing to hospitals but utilizing the most advanced information technology available. These combined resources are brought together by American Traveler and offers our Hospital Clients superb services and solutions; and our Traveling Healthcare Professionals the highest level of client service, support and benefits in the industry.