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Featured Assignment in Portland, Oregon

This featured assignment in Portland, Oregon at tertiary care facility provides a full spectrum of medical care to Oregon's residents.

Oregon Travel Nursing Job Destination

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Travel Nursing Hospital Facts

Portland, OR

This tertiary care facility provides a full spectrum of medical care to Oregon’s residents. On its campus are two hospitals and several primary care and specialty practices allowing them to provide routine healthcare to highly sophisticated specialty treatments of which most are only available here. It is a Level I trauma center and has been recognized as one of the premier trauma centers in the country. More than 187,000 patients are cared for every year.

Area Facts/Things to Do

Oregon travel nursing jobs in Portland put you in North America’s “Best Big City,” according to Money magazine.

Portland was built on a European model and is a walker’s paradise with beauty around every corner. It is made up of diverse neighborhoods each with its own distinct personalities.

The city skyline is crowned by Mount Hood and there are 37,000 acres of parks with outdoor activities from biking to skiing. The city is also home to the nation’s largest urban wilderness.

An Oregon travel nursing job will expose you to restaurants with world-class chefs who use the abundance of produce harvested within a 60-mile radius- this food is really FRESH!

No sales tax makes shopping a favorite pastime in Portland. There are all types of shops for your enjoyment.

Housing Accommodations

You will love living in beautiful downtown Portland. An Oregon travel nursing job may mean a stay at a phenomenal location with several amenities such as a pool, spa, and fitness center. The apartments are spacious and have private balconies, washer/dryers, gourmet kitchens, and abundant closet space. You are also so close to world class shopping and fine dining as well.

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