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Robert Bok - Chairman & CEO

"The American Traveler workplace is composed of motivated, career minded, and energetic people. We reward our employees with recognition and a generous compensation and benefits package. We attract, retain, and motivate our workforce by offering a diverse workplace, opportunity for advancement, and educational assistance to achieve career growth." — Robert L. Bok, Chairman & CEO

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Great Job for Recent Graduates!

Matt DaggsThe Consultant-in-Training program was very hands-on and gave me all the tools I needed to be a successful Consultant. The transition from college to working at American Traveler has been very smooth. I enjoy going into work every day and am constantly busy throughout the day without a dull moment. Every day is different which makes the weeks fly by! It is a great work environment and the managers are very supportive and friendly. There is lots of room for growth if you work hard and help the company grow as a whole."Consultant-in-Training, Boca Raton, FL – September, 2015

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