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That the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the healthcare industry to be the nation's biggest source of new jobs for the rest of the decade? With a total of 5.6 million new jobs to be created in the next decade, the healthcare staffing industry has become one of the hottest job markets anywhere.

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Headquartered in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida, American Traveler staffs healthcare professionals in over 3,500 hospital facilities nationwide.

Robert Bok - Chairman & CEO

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"The American Traveler workplace is composed of motivated, career minded, and energetic people. We reward our employees with recognition, acknowledgement, and a generous compensation and benefits package. We attract, retain and motivate our workforce by offering a diverse workplace, opportunity for advancement and educational assistance to achieve career growth." — Robert L. Bok, Chairman & CEO

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Corporate Staff Reviews

Great Job for Recent Graduates!

Matt DaggsThe Consultant-in-Training program was very hands-on and gave me all the tools I needed to be a successful Consultant. The transition from college to working at American Traveler has been very smooth. I enjoy going into work every day and am constantly busy throughout the day without a dull moment. Every day is different which makes the weeks fly by! It is a great work environment and the managers are very supportive and friendly. There is lots of room for growth if you work hard and help the company grow as a whole."Consultant-in-Training, Boca Raton, FL – Sept., 2015

Great Workplace for Motivated Recruiters

Mallory Utley "Being a recruiter at American Traveler has been a great experience for me. As a recruiter, I have developed my sales and customer service skills and been exposed to new situations and challenges on a daily basis. I have learned to be successful under pressure, a skill that is as useful outside of the office as within. As far as the money goes, if you are motivated and disciplined, you definitely have the opportunity to make more money as a recruiter here than you would at most jobs with similar hiring qualifications. The job is stressful, but the corporate staff is supportive and hard work is rewarded. Also, the company often promotes from within, meaning that there are opportunities for career advancement. "Recruiter, Boca Raton, FL – Sept., 2015

Reviews above were originally posted on the American Traveler Staffing Indeed reviews' page.