Weekly Payroll Direct Deposit

With American Traveler, you'll enjoy weekly direct deposit. The same day your pay is direct deposited into your personal bank account, you can check your paystub online!

No waiting! Payroll and Reimbursed Expenses Are Deposited Weekly

We understand your need for timely pay. With American Traveler, you'll always have your money on time, every week. On the same day your pay is direct deposited into your personal bank account, you can check your paystub online! Ask your recruiter for details.

Keep your cash flow steady, and your finances healthy with high travel nurse pay and weekly direct deposit.

Direct Deposit and Online Payroll

While you're away from home, you don't have to worry about receiving and depositing your hard earned money. We'll conveniently deposit your weekly pay, and you'll have access to your payroll information 24/7 through our bank's on-line payroll service. Our travel nurses receive weekly paychecks and enjoy the security and convenience of automatic direct deposits through our payroll partner, ADP. On the same day your pay is electronically deposited into your personal bank account, you can view your paystub online!

Not only is direct deposit and online payroll confirmation the utmost in convenience and accessibility, by bypassing "snail mail" delivery, you won't ever again have to worry about late deliveries or deposits. (Not to mention the tree-saving benefits of going paperless ...)

If you are currently on assignment with American Traveler, or about to begin a travel nurse job with us, you'll find more information about signing on for ADP's iPay here:

Please contact your recruiter or call us at 800-884-8788 if you have any questions about your payroll or the iPay service.

More Reasons to Travel With American Traveler

Our travel nurses and traveling therapists take assignments for many reasons; some of the most frequently-requested assignments are those that offer compensation packages significantly higher than those available on permanent positions. High pay rates come with your own Free Private Apartment, Comprehensive Health, Dental and Life Insurance, AAA Membership Subsidy, Reimbursed Licensure and more! You will wonder why you didn't join American Traveler sooner.