Travel Reimbursements

Travel nurse job travel benefits provides reimbursal, support, and points of interest along the way.

Carefree Travel Nursing with Round Trip Travel Reimbursements

American Traveler makes sure that all your travel details have been thoroughly arranged before leaving on your travel nursing job. We provide detailed instructions including directions, maps, and points of interest along the way. Most RN's choose to drive their own cars to their new assignment, which gives them great personal mobility and freedom along the way and once they arrive.  Sometimes flying to the travel nurse job destination is a better option (for example, if you're travel nursing in Hawaii). Either way, we have lots of experience and we'll help you with your transportation needs.

Travel nurses can choose to take our generous travel allowance and apply it to various ground transportation or airline travel. And for your added peace of mind, our 24-hour hotline is available for any emergencies that might happen along the way.

Travel Nurse on the Road