Tax Advantage Plan

Travel Nursing Tax Advantage: travel nurses & travel therapists may qualify for more take home pay - tax free meals & allowances - nurse per diem pay - Healthcare travel jobs - Apply Now.

More Take Home Pay - Right Away

A healthcare travel job could qualify you to receive tax free per diem pay for meals and incidentals, getting you more take home pay!

Healthcare travel job professionals can now take home more money than ever through the American Traveler Tax Advantage Plan. Tax laws allow eligible full-time travel nurses  to get non-taxable per diem pay for meals and incidentals.

American Traveler’s Tax Advantage Plan can

  • Boost cash flow
  • Enhance lifestyle
  • Grow your savings
  • Help with investment


The Tax Advantage Plan may provide over $10,000 annually tax free, if you qualify

Travel nursing high pay and benefits now include American Traveler’s Tax Advantage Plan! Experience earnings like never before working at top hospitals, outpatient centers and teaching facilities across America with The Joint Commission-certified American Traveler.

Whatever way you calculate it: per day, per week, per assignment or per year, the American Traveler Tax Advantage Plan amounts to more money in your take home travel nursing paycheck.


Find out if you qualify for Tax Advantage

To determine if you qualify for the Tax Advantage Plan, it is best to consult a qualified tax advisor. Travel nurses can also find more complete tax details here: IRS tax code.