High Pay and Bonuses

Travel nursing salary & benefits information for healthcare professionals such as registered nurses & therapists; get high pay & bonuses at American Traveler.

Travel Nurses Earn High Pay and Bonuses

American Travelers enjoy exceptional salaries and can take advantage of cash bonuses on every assignment. With thousands of positions available, we are able to selectively offer those assignments that meet your salary requirements as well as geographical requests. At many locations, completion bonuses are also offered.

“It’s my dream to save up for a home here,” Charles tells American Traveler, “and with the competitive pay I’m earning on these assignments, I think I’ll reach my goal.”

Charles L., RN, a psychiatric nurse in the San Francisco Bay Area


Travel Nursing Salaries

Our travelers take assignments for many reasons, some of the most frequently requested assignments are those that offer compensation packages significantly higher than those available on permanent or per diem positions. Imagine making a large completion bonus and enjoying your own free private apartment, comprehensive health, dental and life insurance, AAA membership subsidy, reimbursed licensure and more! Travelers earn average compensation of over $70,000 and, when including the other benefits like  housing and health insurance, it is a total compensation package of well over $100,000 a year!

Whether working as permanent staff or as travel nurses, registered nurses have their pick of well paid employment in nursing jobs across the nation. Besides highly competitive registered nurse salary edging into the six figures, additional perks include group health benefits, free private housing, free CEUs, and more for qualified nurses looking to enhance their travel nurse salary and income potential.


Completion and Referral Bonuses

Completion bonuses are offered at many assignments -- as an additional income over and above the stated hourly salary. These  bonuses are paid at the successful completion of the assignment. For travelers motivated to increase their annual income, this is considered an enormous benefit! Find out if you're eligible for a completion bonus on your next assignment with us.

You can also earn additional income by referring a friend or colleague to American Traveler. Ask your recruiter about our referral bonus program.