Free Private Housing

Travel nurses get free private housing accommodations when on assignment with American Traveler.

Travel Nurses Enjoy Top-Quality Furnished Accommodations on Assignment

At American Traveler, we believe your travel nurse job will be more fulfilling by when you live in housing that allows you privacy and personal freedom. While on assignment, travel nurses and travel therapists enjoy a furnished private apartment including all the basic utilities for free. Chosen for their excellent neighborhoods, proximity to the hospital and amenities, our housing is of the highest caliber available.

Typically, the travel nurse housing accommodations are selected for the on-site management services and amenities such as swimming pools, jacuzzis, and fitness centers. The apartments are accented with a pleasant furnishings and feature upgrades such as window treatments, dishwashers, microwaves, air conditioning and more!


Whether you are traveling with a family member, a treasured pet or have a special housing request, we will provide accommodations to meet your specific needs. This is possible because your housing is private and arranged after your acceptance of a job. American Travelers is happy to arrange housing for healthcare professionals who are single, single with children, married, married with children, traveling with a friend, significant other or a pet. We have found housing for RN's traveling with a trailer, a camper, or a boat. We will do our best to meet our nurses' special situation and house them in the area they desire.


Our housing specialists take care of all the details, including offering special services to assure the travel nurse stay is most comfortable. Of course, if you would like to arrange your own accommodations, American Traveler takes pride in offering a generous travel nurse housing allowance. We refer to this benefit as our Housing Subsidy.


Watch Video about Travel Nurse Housing Benefit

Video Transcript

Kayleigh, RN Travel Nurse with American Traveler: Housing's been great. Nancy has been working with our housing and she's done fabulous. We are a little more difficult, I think to deal with than the average group. We're very picky and they have been so accommodating to everything that we've asked.

Kayleigh, RN Travel Nurse with American Traveler: We travel with animals. I have a dog. Hailey has a cat and a dog and they accommodate our traveling circus family with the three of us and two dogs and a cat. We got a private house in Brooklyn and we had off street parking, I never had to worry about finding a place for my car which in New York is sometimes impossible.

Kayleigh, RN Travel Nurse with American Traveler: The housing's been fabulous and here in Florida, we have a house with a pool right at the bottom of our stairs and a gym facility and it's gated. Housing has been fabulous.

The Housing Department Mission Statement

The housing department at American Traveler will maintain a standard of excellence with our housing choices, while paying particular attention to detail. We will go the extra mile to ensure that we have met the needs of our travelers. Our intention is not only to provide an apartment, but to provide peace of mind.