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American Traveler recommends that traveling nurses have their vehicles inspected for safety and proper working order in preparation for winter.

Follow these 5 easy-to remcar inspection tips for travel nursesember tips to ensure your vehicle starts in winter and gets you to travel nursing jobs safely. Though bringing your car, truck or SUV to a certified mechanic may cost you a few bucks, the life you may save in the process is priceless.

  1. Have your brakes checked. Have this done by a certified mechanic. If you’re new to a traveling nurse job then find one by asking fellow nurses or by searching the Internet for a nearby franchise that guarantees their work.
  2. Check your tires for tread. Too little or no tread on your tires is dangerous and increases the chances of sliding on ice and hydroplaning in the rain. Remember to check tire pressure regularly (spare tire too!) all year.
  3. Request an engine diagnostic. This will ensure your motor is running on all cylinders and will start when temperatures drop. Ask to have heaters, defrosters and cold weather electronics inspected for working order.
  4. Pack a motorist safety kit. No traveling nurses leaves home or work planning to breakdown or get stuck in snow. Your motorist safety kit should include first aid, flares, flashlights, road reflectors and three or four warm blankets.
  5. Don’t let your fuel tank get below half. The less gas you have in your tank the more room for condensation to build up, accumulate in fuel lines and freeze. If that happens, your car may not start. If possible, keep your tank full throughout winter.

In addition to readying your car, truck or SUV for winter driving, make sure you have emergency phone numbers listed in your cellphone directory. Include local and state police numbers and the number of your roadside hazard service provider. Also, include the American Traveler 24/7, 365 Traveling Nurse Job emergency phone number and ensure your cellphone is fully charged before leaving home or work.


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