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Learn about what to do in your travel nurse assignment city Travel nurses get to experience new places and different hospitals, which can definitely be exciting. Another great thing about travel nursing is the new scenery and finding out what the assignment city has to offer. A great way to begin to explore is to utilize Online Resources. Travel nursing is an exciting journey, and there is always something to look forward to. Visit this information packed online nurse career resource to get all career related links that you need for your next travel nursing job. In addition, you can discover great restaurants, entertainment and meeting new people in your city by consulting these additional online resources: Yelp is a great website that is based on user submitted reviews.  There are reviews on restaurants, salons, museums, gyms, and more.  The best part about these reviews is that they aredive into travel nursing submitted by people that have already been to that place.  A best rule of thumb about Yelp is to read these reviews with an open mind because everyone has a different experience. The website Meetup is a place where you can meet other [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Single and in her fifties, RN Gerri loves travel nursing ... Gerri just dropped us a line from Baltimore and is having the time of her life. Traveling with American Traveler going on three years now, thetravel nurse Telemetry / ICU expert is enjoying a brief, eight-week assignment in the ‘Monument City’ where trips to “Little Italy” and the city’s Inner Harbor have made for incredible first time experiences. Lady Luck in Atlantic City has tempted the Southern Belle more than once and the Big Apple is on her list of things to do before her assignment is over. Originally from Milledgeville, Georgia, this 54-year-old nursing dynamo loves to travel and has her heart set on assignments in California and sightseeing along Route 66. At first she thought she was too old to travel, but her American Traveler Consultant, Janet Burrell, quickly dispelled that myth. “I hooked up with Janet and it’s been great. We have an excellent rapport and, because of her thoroughness, traveling has been uncomplicated and wonderful,” she said. The 30-year practitioner said American Traveler's free private housing is always above standard and she likes the way everyone at Corporate knows who she is, even [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Clinical Educator and ER nurse, Partrice Ballard, combines a love of travel with preparing nursing students for bright futures American Traveler caught up with Patrice Ballard, MSN for a chat about her experiences working as a Nurse Educator in Arizona. Part I of this two part nurse interview introduces RNs and physical therapists keen on combining work and travel, to a fellow professional who currently enjoys the best of both worlds. Patrice is a wife, mother and full-time Clinical Educator, with the admirable ability to work, also, in the ER once a week. Here, she shares commentary and tips for making the most of an 8 month long travel nursing assignment. Q: What prompted you to pursue a travel nursing career? A: You know, it’s a little ironic—albeit in a wonderful way—that I began a travel nurse career after 15 years in the ER.  Friends and family used to describe me as a “hover mother” – couldn’t picture me on an out-of-state assignment, but when the opportunity to work 34 weeks in Globe, Arizona came, I jumped on it. Q: You secured a unique position. How did that come about?nurse interview - picture at hot balloon fiesta in New Mexico[+]


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This week we have got a few good questions from our web site visitors. Here are few that I thought would be helpful to nurses thinking about starting a travel nursing career. Questions from a nurse that visited our site and my answer for each question: I'm looking to start a career in travel nursing, I have 18 months experience on MS/Tele. unit and I am also ACLS certified. Here are my questions: I'd like to find out what exactly the furnished housing comes with? Generally you can expect a queen size bed, dresser, night stand and lamps in the bedroom. A sofa, end tables, lamps, coffee table, and side chair in the living room and a dinette with 4 chairs in the dining area. Housing accommodations, decor and furnishings will vary based on location. The culture and personality of the different regions of our diverse country are reflected in the housing options for that area. How much, in advance, do you know where you are going? Healthcare facilities extend offers to Travelers with start dates that accommodate their open need and orientation classes. In today’s environment hiring decisions are usually made within 2 [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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As promised, here is the information about 2009 top 10 locations for travel nurses and some popular specialties in a few locations. Even is this tough economy, experienced nurses have the option to travel to beautiful parts of the country, make new friends, and even pick up new skills at a new hospital; also, apply your own nursing skills and help a new community. So, who should try travel nursing? Travel nursing is the perfect opportunity for nurses looking to explore the country while earning a higher nursing salary and strong benefits. Travel nurse jobs generally last for 13 weeks, during which travel nurses receive free private housing, free health, life, and dental insurance, licensure reimbursement, free continuing education classes, and tax advantages, all while earning up to twice as much as someone in a permanent nursing position. Beyond the financial benefits, travel nurses are given a lot of flexibility in their positions. As a travel nurse, you can choose your own start dates and can include vacation time in your contracts. Plus, travel nurses work in some of the best hospitals across the United States. Whether you want to work in a big city or a rural town, there is a travel [+]