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Life has a way of throwing a lot at us. Some of us manage with date books and scrap paper. Now there’s a better way to organize the continuous stream of data inundating us travel nurses on a daily basis, and the good news is, it’s free! With a logo of an elephant (who never forgets), is a digital repository service that allows the user to create notes. What kind of notes, you ask? The answer is anything under the sun: dictated audio memos, clips from webpages, photos, business card scans, attached files—all these and more can be uploaded to Evernote, consolidated and viewed without going home and digging through your PC’s filing system. You can use Evernote on an iphone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile phone, the latest palm or any major smart phone. If you’re a traveling nurse who left these devices behind, or simply don’t want a smart phone, you can still upload notes to Evernote, by setting up a free e-mail account with them; anything you e-mail to that address goes into your repository as a new note. You can also send your notes to Evernote, via Twitter. Evernote has been endorsed by the [+]