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Where you live is a very important part of the travel nurse experience. At American Traveler, our RNs and work closely with their recruiters to find free private housing that meets their every need—no matter how specific. In the case of Kayleigh, an emergency room RN, her checklist of requirements got crossed off one-by-one in a cute Brooklyn apartment with off-site parking; this New York City nursing job was made special not just for Kayleigh, but two of her closest friends. It was high praise when the group, self-described as "picky" and a “traveling circus” due to pets, rated their travel nurse housing "FABULOUS!" Watch the video detailing their experience here: Whatch video about travel nurse housing Thanks, Kayleigh, for your kind words. They go straight from your lips, to Housing Manager, Nance Warner’s ear. Nance delivers more than just the furniture when it comes to your idealized private living space. "We look at it as more than just an apartment," says Nancy and her team of housing specialists. “It’s also peace of mind.”  “Peace of Mind” is Available to ALL Travelers, Even If They Prefer a Housing Subsidy Once you accept that high paying nursing job, American [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Healthcare jobs are one of the fastest growing of any industry group in the United States. In every area, whether nursing, physical therapy, or allied health jobs; expert analysis predicts significant growth and stability far into the future. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts 19.4% growth in registered nursing (RN) jobs until 2022. That translates into 526,800 newly created nursing positions in addition to the 525,800 vacancies that result from RNs leaving the profession. At present, there are not enough nurses to fill healthcare job vacancies nor do forecasters see this problem being resolved in the near future. This situation opens the door for qualified RNs to earn much higher wages by embarking on a travel nursing career. Some RNs may be hesitant, however, due to several myths that have been circulating about the travel healthcare industry.

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Debunking Travel Nurse Myths Travel nurse jobs don’t provide the employee benefits of a permanent nursing position. While most nurses and therapists are aware that they would receive free housing benefits as part of their travel nurse assignments, not all are aware that leading healthcare staffing agencies [+]


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More and more travel nurses are finding themselves working in a hospital that has a nurses union. What does this mean for the traveling nurse? First, know that this trend is gaining steam.  Just this past December, three large RN unions (in California, Massachusetts and Maryland) merged to form the 150,000-member National Nurses United.  Its mission? Says Deborah Burger, RN, one of three charter co-presidents of NNU: "We are going to make sure we organize every single direct-care RN in this country. RNs and our patients deserve to have a national nurses' movement that can advocate for them." nurse union The NNU -- which is seasoned, well-organized and well-financed -- has a very convincing sales pitch.  Among the “pros” of unionization are more security for nurses, more clout when battling administrators, and higher pay and seniority protection for nursing jobs.  Thus, many facilities are accepting a nurses union -- and many traveling nurses are choosing to join a union. To join, or not to join? Not everyone is a fan of RN unions. The “cons” include high union dues, having to comply with their bylaws and other regulations, and having one more layer of bureaucracy between the nurse and the patients. [+]


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Because you stay busy as a travel nurse, financial analysts recommend the more hassle-free approach of automatic, consistent contributions to your travel nurse job benefits, such as IRA and 401K savings plans; reading the fine print on your next credit card statement is a good way to get started. See if they offer a Retirement Rewards Program! Here’s an example of how it works at Fidelity Investments Retirement Rewards (American Express): you earn 2 points for every dollar charged on the card; once you rack up 5,000 points—equivalent to $2,500 in charges—Fidelity will funnel $50 into your IRA as a current year contribution. The Ameriprise Financial Mastercard offers a similar program. Considering that 78% of Americans under prioritize their retirement savings, reward programs like these seem like a good way to go—the only caveat: pay off your balances on time, or suffer the ding of a higher (than traditional credit cards) interest rate. Travel nursing jobs pay well. The U.S. Department of Labor reports earning potential for RN’s as anywhere from the upper 50’s to 110K per year; good news for nurses looking to salt away ample retirement funds. With the goal of staying in [+]


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working outTravel nurse job benefits, just like us, come in all shapes and sizes. Some perks stand out more than others, like health and wellness incentive programs that cut back on your sick days and boost morale. If you’re a traveling nurse in the western region of the US and looking for healthcare with stay-fit resources, Kaiser Permanente has work-out tips you can download on your way to the gym. Since traveling nurses enjoy free private housing, often with on-site amenities like well-equipped fitness centers, pricey gym membership isn’t something to worry about—with health experts recommending up to thirty minutes a day of good cardiovascular exercise, a treadmill just paces from home is a built in perk for travel nurses. If you’re a traveling nurse with a wellness incentive you’d like to share with the world – well, please leave us a comment. We want to know how your fitness center compares with featured housing offered to travel nurses, and how you stay lean…but not mean. Cheers! [+]