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As promised, here is the information about 2009 top 10 locations for travel nurses and some popular specialties in a few locations. Even is this tough economy, experienced nurses have the option to travel to beautiful parts of the country, make new friends, and even pick up new skills at a new hospital; also, apply your own nursing skills and help a new community. So, who should try travel nursing? Travel nursing is the perfect opportunity for nurses looking to explore the country while earning a higher nursing salary and strong benefits. Travel nurse jobs generally last for 13 weeks, during which travel nurses receive free private housing, free health, life, and dental insurance, licensure reimbursement, free continuing education classes, and tax advantages, all while earning up to twice as much as someone in a permanent nursing position. Beyond the financial benefits, travel nurses are given a lot of flexibility in their positions. As a travel nurse, you can choose your own start dates and can include vacation time in your contracts. Plus, travel nurses work in some of the best hospitals across the United States. Whether you want to work in a big city or a rural town, there is a travel [+]