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The U.S. Senate passed legislation to reauthorize the FDA’s ability to approve prescription drugs, medical devices, and otherSenate passed FDA prescription drug bill medical products, sending the bill on to President Obama to sign into law. To read more about this pending law, click the FDA bill link. Some of the positive things the FDA bill does: Expedites FDA’s approval process for innovative treatments for people with rare diseases Cracks down on prescription drug abuse Protects the safety of prescription drugs from counterfeits and contamination. Ensures that medications manufactured abroad are safe Promotes drug supply chain integrity American Traveler’s Clinical Nurse Manager, Deborah Bacurin, R.N. is pleased with the bill, having experienced firsthand how aggravating it is for registered nurses when they must prescribe a certain medication simply because there is a shortage on a better drug – or the other side of the coin: being a patient and having to use the generic brand because the drug that was originally ordered for you is no longer being made. This FDA legislation will save many patients and their healthcare team from having to deal with this. U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) thinks the bill is positive too; he helped co-author it. A [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Find an event near you! For Maine travel nurses, it’s a very patriotic summer indeed in the blueberry capitol of America—a wonderful place for waving red, white and blue, taking in the fireworks and statewide festivals. Here are just a few state highlights. Start Your Fourth of July off with pancakes and fun in Bar Harbor If you’re a travel nurse with a hankering for flapjacks and sausage, get yourself down to Bar Harbor, Maine for their 4th of July pancake breakfast and festival—an all day affair that begins at 6am and includes a full day of crafts, lobster races, seafood, fireworks and band concert. Fireworks will be shot over Frenchman Bay at 9:15 p.m. Get starting times and exact locations for all activities planned by calling 800-288-5103. You may also catch a whiff of pancakes coming from Thomaston, Maine on the 4th of July; call 207-354-8763 for more information! Maine Fireworks and Festivals Perhaps one of the biggest to-dos is "Heritage Days" in Bath, ME. Starting July 1st and culminating in a lovely display of 4th of July fireworks over the Bay Waterfront (9:15pm), this is one of the best places [+]