Driving Tips for Driving in Bad Weather Category


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Autumn leaves have fallen and in some parts of the country winter is seemingly in full force. Snow and ice have begun pummeling parts of the northeast and Midwest and blizzards in the Mountain States have left motorists stranded. While some traveling nurses are fortunate enough to live within walking distance of nurse jobs when bad weather hits, others rely on public transportation and driving. For those who drive to your nursing jobs, American Traveler has some sound motorist advice.  This goes for travel nurses experiencing bad driving conditions now, and for registered nurses traveling to cold weather states who need to prepare for dangerous roads ahead this winter. For travel nurses who ride the bus, subway or train, it’s important to keep transportation websites, hot links and apps bookmarked in your mobile devices. Most cities offer cyber amenities to riders which are invaluable in finding out if your ride is running late or not showing up at all. NURSE JOBS REMINDER:  Bad weather means more drive time to traveling nurse jobs, so leave early and arrive on time. Be the registered nurse who supervisors say always shows up no matter what. TOP 10 DRIVING TIPS for Traveling Nurses in Rain, Snow and Ice Conduct [+]