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In some ways, Mother's Day and the nursing profession make a great team. Many specialties (L&D nurse, NICU, Mother/Baby, Peds nurse) focus on mothers and children, so working with moms is a big part of the job. But let's not forget that many RN's  -- in addition to having their own kids --  may also have mothers who were very influential in their choice of a nursing career. Deb before Travel Nursing Job Deb in Nursing School Deborah Bacurin, Clinical Coordinator and Corporate Resource Manager at American Traveler -- and also a RN who worked in the ER for many years -- shares how her mother helped shape her career and life: "I hadn't always planned to be a nurse. When I graduated from high school, my mom was just graduating from nursing school. At 18, the last thing I wanted was to be “just like my mother.” Guess some of the medical profession did rub off on me though;  I got a job as a secretary in a local emergency room.  One day I saw one of the doctors come out and tell family members that their loved one had died.  I decided I could do better than [+]