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Hospital hiring trends may be looking up. Analysts with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) project that private and public hospitals will add more than 500,000 healthcare jobs to payrolls over the next eight years. Robust clinical employment opportunities include ER nurse jobs, med/surg jobs and a bevy of critical care nurse specialties.

Director of talent management at the Cleveland Clinic, Lois Bock, told Hospital & Health Networks that during the first two months of 2010, the Clinic filled 500 physician and RN jobs, along with numerous clinical support positions.

ER nurse jobs hiringHospitals doing well as the economy recovers will be ones focused on quality patient care, said Deborah Bacurin, clinical coordinator for American Traveler Staffing Professionals, a leading employer of ER and med/surg nurses. With healthcare reform’s emphasis on performance and efficiency, Bacurin said, hospital’s looking for maximum reimbursements can’t afford to cut back on staff, as fewer nurses can lead to increased medical errors, a breakdown in patient-doctor communication and a drop in positive outcomes.

At University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, patient admissions are up by 14 percent, prompting the hiring of 50 new nurses in recent months, reports the Iowa City Press-Citizen. UI vice president for medical affairs, Jean Robillard, “attributed the rise in patient admissions to declining unemployment rates in the region.”  Find Iowa nursing jobs

A look at hiring in the south, Tift Regional Medical Center in Georgia has hired more med/surg nurses and ER nurse jobs specialists to keep up with demand, as nearly 3,000 more patients visited their ER this fiscal year over last. Moving even farther south,  Florida gained more than 22,000 healthcare jobs over the past 12 months, trumping the state’s standout industry, construction, which now employs about the half the workers it did during the boom times.

Despite the uptick in demand for nurses of all specialties, nurse graduates are not faring as well as those with ER nurse job experience or med/surg nurse credentials, positions much harder to staff, according to Diane Holmay, vice president of nursing at Franciscan Skemp Healthcare, a division of the Mayo Health System.

Unfortunately for newcomers, Bacurin said, numerous healthcare markets are saturated with experienced, well-documented nurses already licensed and ready to work.

Though it’s likely that healthcare hiring has seen the bottom of the most recent recession, the need for medical/surgical jobs and ER Nurse jobs depends on how state and local hospital economies continue to recover in coming months and how many nurses laid off during the recession get their jobs back.

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