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Honoring Veterans DayToday is an important reminder to Americans, of the sacrifices and commitment of all who serve or did serve in our military. As members of the American Traveler healthcare team wake up today, they’ll head off to therapy and nursing jobs that serve a large number of veterans; some of you may even work in Veteran’s hospitals where the appearance of an American flag pin on your hospital scrubs is a welcome sight.  If you’re an R.N. who’d like to brush up on your Veteran’s Day knowledge and what it’s meant to Americans historically, this mini-list of facts about the holiday, helps you live in the moment. Are you an R.N. chatting with a Veteran Patient Today? For those nurses and therapists who treat veterans in healthcare facilities around the country, here’s a little bit of Q&A meant to enrich your Veterans Day. How does Veterans Day set itself apart from Memorial Day? The May holiday is a tribute to military troops who died, whereas this day in November is in remembrance of all active and retired military. What is Veterans Day called in other parts of the world? It’s called Remembrance Day or Armistice Day, [+]