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Mark your calendars with these holiday events in Arizona! Are you dreaming of spending the holidays somewhere beautiful? With its temperate winter weather and mountain views, Arizona nursing jobsArizona holiday events are getting snapped up fast. If you’re a travel nurse looking to mix desert adventure with holiday cheer, travel nursing jobs from 4 to 26 weeks in the Grand Canyon State are a Christmas wish come true; R.N.s already stationed here enjoy free, housing in Arizona, close to shopping, nightlife and seasonal events this December you won’t want to miss! Holiday Events in Arizona Glendale Glitters… and smells like gingerbread, December 3 and 4th, from 6 to 10pm - Glendale celebrates "Gingerbread Nights", an annual event for all ages, featuring horse-drawn carriage rides, holiday arts and crafts and more! December 17th and 18th, travel nurses can rock out to their favorite holiday music, dance academy performances and jazz ensembles when "Glendale's Jingle Bell Rockin' Nights comes to town from 6-10 p.m. Tucson Shines Bright this December For travel nurses working near Tucson this holiday season, Luminara Nights at the city Botanical Garden are worth penciling in. December 3rd thru December 5th, surround yourself with floral beauty, twinkling lights, [+]


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The Pathway to Excellence program is a sure fire way to boost morale and professionalism among nurses in small to mid-sized facilities. Hospitals achieving this recognition and rank are a great place for travel nurses to launch their careers. Many Texas nursing jobs are in facilities awarded the Pathway to Excellence Designation; the honor lasts three years—but the thing it represents—nurse satisfaction—is infinite when you find that position that meets all of your needs. The 12 standards used by Pathway to Excellence Does this sound like your hospital? A nationwide panel of your nursing peers seeks to get answers to the following:Pathway to Excellence Do nurses control the practice of nursing? Is the work environment safe and healthy? Does the hospital orientation adequately prepare new nurses? Is the CNO qualified to participate in all levels of nursing? Are the professional development opportunities for nurses fully utilized? Are nursing salaries competitive? Does the hospital recognize nursing achievements? Are nurses encouraged to live a balanced life? Are collaborative relationships among nurses and other healthcare staff encouraged? Are Nurse managers competent and held accountable Are evidence-based practices and quality programs utilized? Get on the Pathway to Excellence by joining American Traveler Registered nurses who work in hospitals that are, or soon will be, [+]


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Last October, close to 700,000 walkers across the country collected $60 million to help the American Cancer Society make strides in research, prevention and medical advances for those living with breast cancer. With support like this and in future events to come, it’s highly probable that some day, we'll find a cure. It's exciting to think about what Breast Cancer Awareness Month in this 2010 will bring in terms of support, donations, early detection and resources for survivors and their families—this Fall, travel nurses have a chance to play their part! If you're new to a travel nurse job and still unfamiliar with the area, just plug your current zip code into "Making Strides Event Near You". You'll find out the where and when on the nearest cancer walk, happening nationwide this October; you can sponsor a walker, an entire team—or make the 3 to 5 mile journey alongside like-minded peers, colleagues and friends. Getting the word out is as simple as sending a free E-card when you Breast Cancer Awareness Monthmake online donations and/or register for Making Strides at the American Cancer Society. In Octobers past, a wonderful show of support came from corporate American Traveler [+]


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How Emergency Department Interpreters are breaking down barriers Cultural diversity in the cities where travel nurses thrive in emergency room jobs is part and parcel to their exciting lifestyle. ER nurse jobs at American Traveler place registered nurses in travel and permanent emergency room jobs nationwide, from big urban cities to charming, small towns, so it’s hardly uncommon to treat patients with (LEP) limited English proficiency.emergency room nurse The U.S. Census Bureau reported an estimated 48.4 million Hispanic residents in 2009, making them the nation’s largest ethnic race or minority; thus, as a well-trained professional in emergency room nurse jobs, you’re likely to encounter your fair share of patients who’s native, and, in many cases only language is Spanish. Since much of this growth has taken place in states that attract registered nurses to great travel nursing jobs like bees to honey, those in Florida travel nursing jobs and California nursing jobs, especially, have come to rely on medical interpreters, known as ED interpreters in hospital emergency departments. American Traveler’s Clinical Coordinator Debbie Bacurin, R.N., a former Nurse Manager and veteran of emergency room jobs, says: “It can be very stressful for everyone involved when the hospital [+]


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We welcome furry friends with travel nursing tips and resources travel nursing with petIf your travel nursing lifestyle includes a dog, cat—even canaries—you’ll be pleased with American Traveler’s client support services, designed to accommodate the furry friend accompanying you on your travel nursing adventure. Here, we provide pet-lover tips and resources that get both of you (and in some cases, all of you!) off to a great start. Bookmark these nurse career resources where you'll find free pet sitter locaters and a "people with pets" directory that dishes on pet-friendly hotels, products and services. Remember that planning before the big road trip, in your travel nursing career or for any occasion, is critical. Each year approximately 100,000 dogs are injured or killed inside moving vehicles; pets may even fall from a car’s open window! Avoid potential dangers by outfitting your car with a pet carrier, big enough to let your dog or cat lie down. You can also shop for tethers that safely anchor your pet to the seat while permitting a near full range of motion—or shop crash tested dog car seats. See the kind of gadgets we’re talking about on this video. These kinds [+]


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Enjoy the Nations Birthday in Washington, DC Lucky travel nurses or therapists in Washington DC should prepare to sample the many July 4th events this upcoming weekend. The Folklife Festival at the Smithsonian is fun AND educational.  And you won't want to miss the fireworks over the reflecting pool by the Washington Monument. Watch for free from a picnic blanket at the monument grounds or do like the locals do, and seek out a comfy off-site vantage point. Tip: Don't drive; take the metro, and check out local restaurants and hotels with rooftop lounges, especially in Arlington, Virginia, for terrific views and lighter crowds.



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Read about technical vs. professional nurse training and why it matters Its been said there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The same might be true of seeking licensure as a registered nurse; those on track to a permanent or travel nursing career can achieve success in several different ways—the interesting part of that statement being, no matter your chosen path to licensure, the examination at the end of your nurse training is exactly the same. The options for students interested in nursing jobs break down into these avenues: you can get a four-year nursing degree, or bachelor of science (in nursing) and be deemed a “professional nurse”; you can get an associate's degree, which takes two to three years—or you can go to a diploma school for about three years. It so happens that community colleges produce more than half of the country's new nurses; not surprising considering it’s the fastest and least expensive way to become an RN; should you go this route, you are deemed a “technical nurse” and may not get the same preferential treatment in hiring as professional and graduate nurses. The encouraging news for those new to [+]


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In the late 80's, a TV commercial starring the elderly woman who cried, "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up! generated wide-spread awareness that senior citizens are prone to nasty spills. We were relieved it was just an actress and that the pendant she wore, “Lifecall”, dispatched 911. Unfortunately, in real life, falls among the elderly are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries. It is estimated that 30% of people over age 65 will fall each year. New studies show that high blood pressure—a condition more likely to appear in older people—can alter the flow of blood in the brain and lead to falls. Fortunately, physical therapy is foremost among prescribed methods of treatment and rehabilitation for seniors. Because the elderly represent some of the most vulnerable patients, many of them receive help when physical therapists call on them at home in home health nursing jobs. Ironically, “home sweet home” can be a dangerous place for the elderly, as over half the falls treated in ERs report they occurred inside the victim’s house. Physical therapists can decrease these grim numbers by counseling their patients, and helping them fall-proof their homes. Here, we offer room-by-room tips on fall-proofing. In order to [+]


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Physical therapists probably already realize they've chosen a health-care profession that happens to be highly in demand. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment for PTs is "expected to grow by 30 percent from 2008 to 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations." With that in mind, the folks at have put together a list of the Top 25 Metro Areas for Physical Therapists.  It contains great info about each area, from employment rates to expected salaries to average rents. Though the article is aimed at new grads trying to identify where to go for their first job, it’s highly useful for everyone looking for the best physical therapy jobs! These 25 metro areas are some of the most desirable locales in the country. And, guess what: American Traveler has PT jobs ready and waiting in several of these markets!  Check them out on our physical therapy jobs page; or, better yet, subscribe to our  Physical Therapist Jobs RSS feed and be updated regularly on all the hottest new therapist job offerings. Here are some destinations for physical therapists to consider: The great state of Texas Dallas/Fort Worth (No. 1 on the list): Typical salary for physical therapy jobs [+]


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Part of the fun of being a travel nurse is the likelihood you’ll be in the right place at the right time—if Springtime finds you working in, or considering travel nurse jobs in Kentucky or neighboring states, you’re poised to dawn a frilly hat and head to the famous twin spires of Churchill Downs in Louisville for the 136th annual 2010 Kentucky Derby & Oaks. That’s right, travel nurses! Between April 29th and May 2nd, the most famous race track in the world is a gorgeous spectacle to behold: this year’s Kentucky Derby promises the same brand of “mint julep sippin’-thoroughbred winner speculating-celebrity sighting fun”—a mouthful even if you’re not at the event sampling the traditional burgoo stew. For you ladies working in Ohio travel nursing jobs, The Oaks part of the Kentucky Derby represents a fine opportunity to invite your girlfriends on a road trip. Your destination? The Ladies First celebration held Friday, April 30th at Churchill Downs; this race distinguishes itself from the Kentucky Derby, held the first Saturday in May—the capper on the most famous long weekend for thoroughbred racing on the whole planet. Travel nurses seeking a good [+]