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Physical therapists probably already realize they've chosen a health-care profession that happens to be highly in demand. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment for PTs is "expected to grow by 30 percent from 2008 to 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations." With that in mind, the folks at have put together a list of the Top 25 Metro Areas for Physical Therapists.  It contains great info about each area, from employment rates to expected salaries to average rents. Though the article is aimed at new grads trying to identify where to go for their first job, it’s highly useful for everyone looking for the best physical therapy jobs! These 25 metro areas are some of the most desirable locales in the country. And, guess what: American Traveler has PT jobs ready and waiting in several of these markets!  Check them out on our physical therapy jobs page; or, better yet, subscribe to our  Physical Therapist Jobs RSS feed and be updated regularly on all the hottest new therapist job offerings. Here are some destinations for physical therapists to consider: The great state of Texas Dallas/Fort Worth (No. 1 on the list): Typical salary for physical therapy jobs [+]


This post was written by Travel Nursing Career Blogger

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American Traveler continues its dedication to making its web site the most comprehensive and user-friendly resource possible for clients in the health care industry. New features were added to the Hot Jobs page including hourly updates on the latest health care jobs  and a Healthcare Jobs RSS feed for instant access to all the best nursing jobs and physical therapy jobs. American Traveler also reached out into the social media networks with an active presence and interaction in  Facebook and Twitter communities, which are both growing daily with new healthcare job seekers fans and followers. More details about these enhanced features are available in the latest American Traveler press release.  Read entire American Traveler Healthcare Job Search Press Release.

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Karen Murphy, Ph.D. Pennsylvania, birthplace of American independence is famous for other things too, like the Pennsylvania Dutch and Liberty Bell; it’s also the childhood home of our sitting Vice President, but there are other Pennsylvania fixtures, CEOs, like Karen Murphy, R.N., Ph.D. who make their mark—using extraordinary education, talent and skill —on the great Steel State. Dr. Murphy’s career began in surgical nursing, when, in 1977, she received her diploma from the Scranton State Hospital School of Nursing. Soon after, she earned an MBA at Marywood University and, eventually, a doctorate in Business Administration from the Fox School of Business in Philadelphia. To say the least, Dr. Murphy has enjoyed a long and prosperous career, but her achievements are far from over. She has, as of this January, been selected as CEO of The Moses Taylor Health Care System. Read more about Dr. Murphy’s latest accolade here. It’s no wonder her nursing career is making headline news. Dr. Murphy is living the American Dream, a career idol and inspiration for all healthcare professionals, especially women in RN jobs. Balancing work and home life, Dr. Murphy has [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Learn more about our Hot Jobs by signing up for our Healthcare Jobs RSS feed or follow us on Twitter. Our Hot Jobs are refreshed hourly, with a call right now for critical care nurses, Case Manage,  physical therapists, occupational therapists and Med/Surg nurses across the nation. You should know that Hot Jobs offer more specialized positions in telemetry, dialysis, Pediatrics and PACU. You can apply for a job that lasts a mere six weeks, or up to five months; a 13 week assignment is the norm. Every week, we showcase our Top 10 hot jobs. When travel nurses apply, they begin work immediately upon hire. Do you crave an assignment in New England, the nation’s capital, heart of America or somewhere out west? Featured jobs at American Traveler are diverse, well paying—you could earn up to 110K a year!—and scattered across the country. As we mentioned earlier on, you won’t need to check in regularly to see the latest in Hot Jobs, because when position openings come to Washington D.C., LA, even Wichita, you’ll feel like a little bird told you, just by following us on Twitter or better yet, get it in your [+]