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Sept 2008 Traveler Times

Travel Nurses Favourite Road Trips

Washington Travel Nursing Adventure – Puget Sound

Exploring Washington Tom and I take another explore onto the Peninsula, driving up to Port Townsend for the night and eating clam chowder along the waterfront. We always seem to hit the clear days, sky lifting momentarily vast and blue above Puget Sound. The reclusive mountains rear white and splendid, reflected in the bay. Ducks and gulls dive for mussels in the clear water a few feet from our table. Sailboats glow in the evening sunlight. "I could live here," I tell Tom. We explore housing and discuss what it would take to anchor us in one place. The next morning we are off again, taking the extensive Washington State ferry system across to Whidbey Island-$11 including the truck. Dolphins scoot ahead rippling the gentle swell. Children are laughing on deck. I take pictures until my fingers are numb in the cold air. An older man starts a conversation with me. He's headed for Whidbey and has paid a senior fair of $1.50. There's a free bus ride up the island, he tells me, and he's going to have lunch with a friend.

Sailing Washington

Editor’s Note:

Jean Aspen is an RNC certified in Labor and Delivery. In the two years Jean has traveled with American Traveler, she’s enjoyed rewarding travel nursing jobs in WI, AZ, CA and WA.

And, because of superb travel nurse high pay and benefits, the nurse specialist has decided to accept yet another Washington travel nursing assignment with American Traveler!

We appreciate Jean’s submission of this beautifully written summary of her latest travel nurse adventures to share with others also considering travel nurse jobs in the great state of Washington.