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July/Aug 2008 Traveler Times

Maine Travel Nursing Job Delivers Fast-Paced Lifestyle and Excitement into Career of this Former Paramedic

This travel nurse was kind enough to write her American Traveler Consultant, Anita M. An excerpt here:

Hello Anita,

travel nursing lifestyleHere are a few pictures from Maine! This is me and my dog, Sasha, sight-seeing during my travel nursing job in Maine. I am having a great time and so is Sasha; she always serves as a conversation piece wherever we go.

I also wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and helping me start my first travel nursing assignment. American Traveler was the only travel nurse company that would honor my paramedic experience and apply it towards a travel nursing career. I cannot express how grateful I am for that at this time in my life. I only look forward to what the future has in store, traveling to new and exciting places.

I can remember the first time I spoke with you and how assertive and honest you were then and remain now. A month has almost gone by in Northern Maine, and I love every minute so far. There were a few lonely nights at first, but it is such a good feeling to enjoy being at work again!

travel nurse with petsBefore this travel nursing assignment started I questioned whether or not I really wanted to stay in the nursing field. I felt like something was missing and I was stuck, unable to find the change that I longed for. I think as a paramedic I was used to constant change, variability from day to day, and most of all the feeling that I truly helped someone in need. Now, as a travel nurse, I am gaining all that back and I am truly excited to see new places and find out where a travel nursing career can take me. On the side picture, it’s Sasha and I having a great time on a shoreline hike. My mother visited me for a few days and enjoyed kayaking as well!

Thanks again for believing in me and putting the personal touch to every phone call & email you send!

Sincerely, S. H. - ER travel nurse on assignment in Maine