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July/Aug 2008 Traveler Times

How to Experience the Best of Travel Nursing

Experts' Valuable Tips for a Great Travel Nursing ExperienceTravel Nurse Consultant Kristen Zandee

Travel Nurse Jobs Senior Consultant, Kristin Zandee, says “My goal is to exceed travel nurse expectations, to go beyond high-pay and free private housing; to make travel nursing an adventure.” A self-proclaimed “outdoor junkie” and “still a big kid,” the Long Island native says every travel nurse destination has vacation potential. “It’s important to have fun while travel nursing and explore as much as possible.”

Travel Nursing Consultant Jennifer Rayner Jennifer Rayner reminds new travel nurses to always keep all their receipts and “to look forward to looking back at every travel nurse job as a learning experience.” She says both new candidates and experienced travel nurses alike should always do their homework before leaving on assignment, and to seek out as much information and local flavor as possible when they arrive.

edieEdie Heyer, another American Traveler expert travel nurse recruiter, enjoys finding nurses their first travel nurse job and recommends that they be flexible and open-minded to ensure a great experience. “Don't be afraid to ask your Consultant for suggestions and advice when deciding where and when to travel, and always look to your new travel nurse job as an adventure,” she said.

Consultant Anita M.Anita's advice to first time travel nurses has always been, “Do your homework!” Have some great plans to maximize your travel experience. Pack can always find a Target if you’ve forgotten something. Bring pictures in frames to make your apartment feel homey right away and most of all... HAVE FUN!”

As always, we advise our travel nurses to be diligent with the documentation requirements and licensure on your 1st travel nursing assignment and it will be a breeze for all future travel plans.