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June 2008Traveler Times

Experts' Valuable Tips for a Great Travel Nursing Experience

Travel Nurse JobsTravel Nurse Consultant Amy RollAmerican Traveler Consultant, Amy R., suggests Arizona travel nursing jobs to first time travelers. Travel nurse jobs in Arizona are known for high pay, friendly hospitals and deluxe free private housing. Also, the hospital staff is very friendly; Arizonas travel nursing job accommodations are cozy and centrally located.

Travel Nurse in WashingtonWhat's Karen S. advice for first time travel nurses? "No question is too small of a question," she says. "I tell travel nurse candidates to ask me anything that comes to mind and if I don't have the answer I'll find out for them." And, for those of you who travel with pets, Karen has three great dogs and is an expert in recommending travel nursing positions with pet-friendly housing. After all, more than 33 percent of all American Travelers travel with pet companions.

The # 1 Choice for Hospitals & Travel Nurses Nationwide!

As always, we advise our travel nurses to be diligent with the documentation requirements and licensure on your 1st travel nursing assignment and it will be a breeze for all future travel plans.

Meet Your Travel Nurse Consultant – Joyce Goldman

Joyce StreemAlways on the move, on the phone or sending emails, American Traveler travel nursing recruiter Joyce is bursting with energy and enthusiasm! “I love finding the ultimate travel nursing job for my nurses to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.”

Joyce joined American Traveler in May of 2003 and since has emerged as a top performer in the travel nursing company. Formerly a regional manager of a national staffing firm, Joyce is a qualified, knowledgeable travel nursing consultant with vast experience in healthcare.

Originally from New York, Joyce recruits friends every year for a Caribbean cruise where, at numerous ports of call, they wine and dine and shop ‘til they drop. “Florida travel nursing job clients often ask my advice about island travel to the Bahamas and islands in the Gulf.”

With four grown children living in different parts of the country, Joyce is in tune with high paying travel nursing jobs at top-ranked facilities. She says to travel nurses and her children alike: “You’re never alone. I’m here for you 24/7 whatever you may need. Excel in life and you’ll find that dreams really do come true!”

It is no wonder Joyce’s travel nursing clients refer their friends and acquaintances to join the American Traveler team and ‘discover new places’ together!

How do the Management Staff and her peers at American Traveler describe Joyce?

  • “Full of energy, Joyce is on of the most motivating individuals I have ever been around!”
  • “Upbeat and always working at full speed!”
  • “A machine that never stops!”
  • “Kind, sweet, and generous with her time, her client service, and attention to detail is the best!”

Travel Nurse words about Joyce

“I have really enjoyed working with Joyce. She has been excellent in helping my travel experience be a great one! Thanks. ”