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January 2008 Traveler Times

Travel with family and pets!You'll earn more as a traveling nurse - Although pay isn't a top priority for everyone, travel nursing pays better than permanent positions. With perks and benefits, some American Travelers can earn up to $100,000 in select healthcare markets.

Travel nurses experience less stress – You work overtime only when you want, have plenty of time off for outdoor recreation and entertainment, and avoid burnout by getting enough sleep and eating right.

More time with family and friends – Seems to be at the top of everyone’s list for 2008. As a travel nurse with American Traveler, we’ll accommodate your special destination requests to be close to family and friends and provide accommodations for your loved ones and pet companions when you travel with them. 

Save money & plan for retirement – It’s difficult for many in permanent positions to see the light at the end of this tunnel, but for travel nurses who get paid a premium, have free housing and health insurance and qualify for sign-on, completion and referral bonuses, the light gets brighter every day. American Traveler provides a generous, company-matched 401(k) plan – so you can save for the future. Apply Now!

Get more with travel nursing Benefits and Bonuses

Plenty of time for exercise! Get fit - How many calories do you think you burn climbing to the top of Mount Washington or skiing down the slopes of Vail Colorado? Because travel nurses work three and four days a week, there's plenty of time for exercise and outdoor activities to get the heart pumping.

Travel nurse housing often comes with fitness amenities such as pools and gyms and American Traveler comprehensive, health, dental and medical insurance provides for regular checkups and fitness consults with doctors and nutritionists.

Travel to exciting places

Make New Friends!Invigorate your spirit, make new friends and see amazing sights while travel nursing across America. Many of our nurses choose destinations to see family and long-time friends, visit historical landmarks and to accept the challenges of the great outdoors. Travel nurse jobs in and around major cities enable trendy living and a life full of arts, entertainment and fashion, while leisurely, out-of-the-way places in the mountains or in the desert set you free and give you a sense of self and the world. The Travel Psychologist™ suggests that there’s nothing better for the soul than the “stimulations and passions afforded by the explosion of the sights, sounds and fragrances of travel.” Start travel nursing in 2008 and bring along your family, friends and pet companions. View private, deluxe accommodations

Live life with passion

If you’ve told yourself again this year that you need to find time for yourself, get fit and enjoy life more, then it’s time to start travel nursing. You meet new people when you travel, grow your character and stay active and healthy. You’re always learning something new as a travel nurse and are constantly reinventing life and trying new things. Many of our nurses have found true happiness and self-actualization through travel nursing and are living fuller, richer lives. Beat the doldrums, leave your day job and push adventure to the limit! View travel nursing destinations.

Have a career you love

Have a career you love! Earnings and benefits as a travel nurse are superior to most permanent positions and give you the disposable income you need to pursue life to the fullest and do the things that make you happy. American Traveler offers unlimited free CEUs and more than 400 accredited nurse courses online to encourage professional development and caters to Magnet facilities and hospitals with excellent nurse patient ratios. You never have to work overtime if you don’t want and stress levels and burnout are reduced significantly when you travel. According to Nursing 2007, more than a third of American nurses are unhappy with their current job and one of every three nurses under age 30 planned to leave their permanent positions within a year’s time. Many of these nurses have turned to travel nursing with American Traveler as their solution. Call or apply online today.