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Aug 2007 Traveler Times

Lifestyle and Quality Patient Care Attract Top RNs to American Traveler

Magnet hospitals in Florida offer attractive work environments

American Traveler specializes in travel nursing jobs to Magnet hospitals throughout the state. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) awards Florida hospitals with Magnet status for implementing and nurturing nurse programs that promote excellent patient outcomes, high job satisfaction and good nurse retention. A hospital must meet more than 65 stringent quantitative and qualitative standards to become Magnet, and few more than 250 health care organizations across the U.S. enjoy Magnet status.

Low nurse-patient ratios boost Florida travel nurse moraleĀ 

Vice President Mary Kay HullLow nurse-patient ratios are common to many Florida Magnet hospitals and are one of the first points of inquiry before an American Traveler chooses a travel nursing job, said company recruitment VP, Mary Kay Hull. Nurse-patient ratios are important to travel nurse candidates because they may be an indication as to whether staff nurses are overworked and tired, resulting in poor teamwork, heightened stress and frequent mistakes. “BayCare hospitals keep a close eye on nurse-patient ratios,” said American Traveler Director, Dennis Urbanski, “It’s one of the reasons why we recommend travel nurse jobs at these facilities.”

BayCare Health System

BayCare Health System is the fifth largest not-for-profit health care system in the country and the largest on Florida’s West Coast. Their hospitals are leaders in providing high quality health care and have been ranked among the nation’s providers. With nine Gulf Coast hospitals, BayCare has an abundance of opportunities for top travel nurses.

Baycare Health System“Most travel nurses would love the opportunity to work at a Magnet hospital.” “Nursing initiatives at BayCare foster a good team environment and promote excellent staff rapport,” said Beverly Witkowski, RN and recruiter for Morton Plant Mease Health Care. BayCare strives to keep nurses happy with a focus on streamlined communication among staff and management. The system also utilizes Six Sigma methodology to make meaningful improvements in patient care.

Cutting-edge technologies at BayCare include early detection cancer treatments such as GeneSearch™, a therapy which helps to reduce the stress and costly second surgeries for breast cancer patients, and SIR-Spheres, a late-stage cancer treatment introduced for the first time in the U.S. through BayCare’s St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa. BayCare oncology departments are some of the most advanced in the nation.

BayCare Health System Locations Four of the Nine BayCare Hospitals Enjoy Magnet Status*

  • Mease Countryside Hospital – Safety Harbor, FL*
  • Mease Dunedin Hospital - Dunedin, FL*
  • Morton Plant Hospital - >Clearwater, FL*
  • Morton Plant North Bay - New Port Richey, FL*
  • St. Anthony's Hospital - St. Petersburg, FL
  • South Florida Baptist Hospital - Plant City, FL
  • St. Joseph's Hospital - Tampa, FL
  • St. Joseph's Children's Hospital - Tampa, FL
  • St. Joseph's Women's Hospital -Tampa, FL

BayCare is well-known for focusing on team member and patient satisfaction and nurtures learning programs that inspire nurses to grow. The award-winning health system utilizes Masters Level RNs to mentor and coach nurses as part of their Clinical Nurse Leader Program and their commitment to quality health care. “The program is new and only a handful of Florida hospitals have it,” said Sharon Collotta, RN and Team Resources Director at Morton Plant Mease Health Care. “It makes for great patient support and is a wonderful resource for staff and travel nurses alike.”

Travel nursing professionals are always welcome by Florida perm staffs

"Everyone has been great at the hospital & ATSP, I have really enjoyed it. Thanks for your hard work"

S. Clark, RN

The American Traveler Client Services Department knows that an ongoing concern among travel nurses, and a fear for some, is how well they’re received by permanent staff members and management when travel nursing to a new facility. Client Services Representative, Gina Walters says that perm staffs in Florida welcome travel nurses with open arms because they help to ease seasonal workloads, “and nurse managers find value in a traveler’s fresh perspective, ideas and operational input,” said Gina.

In addition to great American Traveler client service, the company has 24/7 support for travel nurses. Client Services Representatives call travelers to make sure they’re comfortable and content with their assignment and accommodations. “Our nurses look forward to our phone calls and like to share stories or talk about travel nurse life.” 

Travel nurses experience state-of-the-art medical technology and enjoy the benefits of cyber documentation

Travel nurses experience state-of-the-art medical technologyChances are a Florida travel nursing job will lead to any number of facilities that utilize robotics, ergonomics or are making headway with gene therapy research. Health care facilities that contract with American Traveler have advanced oncology, radiology and trauma departments where travelers can learn from top practitioners forging new methodologies and techniques. Computerized charting and medication disbursement are also common to many Florida travel nursing jobs.

But there’s more. American Traveler documentation and licensure procedures are automated and accessible via secure Internet. Travel nurse recruiters and candidates at American Traveler can address assignment details online, including payroll. American Traveler recently introduced the new ADP iPay that allows travel nurses to log on to a secure site and access pay and earning statements to more efficiently budget their income.

“Travel nurses can predict payroll deductions and direct deposit amounts with accuracy,” said Mary H. “Personal deductions and taxes vary from state to state and iPay helps travelers maintain control of their personal finances.” 

Education is free and opportunities at Florida teaching and research hospitals are abundant

Free unlimited CEUs to travel nurses!Not only does American Traveler specialize in Florida travel nursing jobs at the state’s leading research and teaching hospitals, the company offers free unlimited CEUs to travel nurses looking for new certifications and to advance in the practice. Classes can be taken online and are even Podcast for convenient downloading on the go. All The Joint Commission related and APN quality subjects meet State Board of Nursing Requirements and are listed Board-specific so travel nurses can easily identify what they need for licensure.

For more information regarding Florida travel nursing jobs with American Traveler call 800-884-8788 or apply online today.

As the nationwide nursing shortage grows, American Traveler continues to pay qualified RNs a premium. Free housing and health insurance and a slew of lucrative benefits enable travel nurses to earn with American Traveler.