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Traveler Times Vol26 Traveler Times April 2007

Male Nurses Earn Up to 100 Percent More in "Travel Nursing Jobs"

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) April 13, 2007 – Although men comprise less than 10 percent of the nurse workforce in the U.S., travel nursing remains a high-paying alternative for men seeking the adrenaline and personal fulfillment of other civil service and emergency jobs and want to stay close to home.  

Whereas the median salary for fireman and EMTs is somewhere between 30K and 50K a year,travel nurses can earn between $70,000 and $100,000depending on assignment. Travel nurse jobs with American Traveler include free private housing and health insurance, a corporate-matched 401(k), and bonuses.

“At first I was attracted to travel nursing for the money, but it’s fit in perfectly with our goal to raise children and be near family,” said 28-year-old Wisconsin travel nurse Eric D.

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National Nurses Week at American Traveler

American Traveler Celebrates Nurses Week 2007
Thank You For All You Do!!!

American Travelers’ nurses go in style and with class as they journey across America packing souvenirs and necessities in their limited edition sports tote awarded during National Nurses Week. Emblazoned with the American Traveler logo, this designer bag is perfect for every day recreation and weekend adventure.

.To become a Travel Nurse and get the
benefits of American Traveler

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Travel Nurse Hot Jobs Nationwide


.   .
Travel Nurse Benefits

Real-time payroll information at your fingertips with the new iPay

View and print pay stubs and W-2s via the Internet wherever and whenever!

Travel nurses can now predict with accuracy payroll deductions and direct deposit amounts anytime all the time with ADP’s new iPay feature now available at American Traveler. No more waiting for pay stubs in the mail or worrying about how much you have to spend on weekend excursions. Travel nurses just log on to a secure website and access pay and earning statements to more efficiently budget income and file end of year taxes promptly to avoid late fees and penalties.

Personal deductions and taxes vary from state to state. With the new iPay system, travel nurses. stay organized and informed and have the upper hand on financial security,” said Recruitment VP Mary Kay Hull.


Freedom and Flexibility is job one as American Traveler takes care of all the details so travel nurses get the most out of life and career.
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Travel Nurse Hospital Feature

North Bay Hospital
Fairfield, California

.Area Facts/Things to Do

Fairfield's location & natural amenities are some of the attributes that make it a great place to live. Comfortable temperatures and being situated between San Francisco and Sacramento, offer a strategic location and perfect weather.

Love candy? Visit the famous Jelly Belly factory. Learn how these funky-flavored treats are made! Love beer? Budweiser has a brewery here where you can learn how the popular American beer is made. The best part is the free tasting.

Golf is a favorite pastime in Fairfield. Offering a varied level of challenges and difficulty- whatever kind of golfer you are, there's a course for you here.

.Those who love nature should not miss Rush Ranch. Hike the marsh trail and see wildlife abound-coyotes, pheasants, waterfowl, otters, raccoons and more.

.Enjoy music? The Solano Community Symphony is a wonderful volunteer orchestra composed from skilled local musicians. An outdoor concert series is also available during the summer.

From the basics to gourmet, Mexican to Thai, you will have plenty of choice of both food and cost when dining in Fairfield.

So, come be a part of this vibrant community with respect for its heritage and a vision for the future!

Hospital Facts

.NorthBay Healthcare is dedicated to helping Solano County be healthy. In 1992, an addition to NorthBay Medical Center including a larger maternity department, a larger NICU, and a state-of-the-art CCU, brought them to the current 132-bed capacity.

North Bay is accredited by The Joint Commission. Their Health Education Department has been awarded recognition for excellence in Diabetes Education by the American Diabetes Association. The Cancer Center was accredited by the American College of Surgeons' Commission as well.

Travel Nursing Housing Accommodations


Fairfield, CA

Our travel nurses love their housing in this brand new complex with great amenities!

Bridgeport Ranch offers executive business center with computer and Internet access. Lush landscaping with BBQ and picnic area. A resort style pool and top of the line equipment at their fitness center. Plus much more!


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Travel Nursing Stories & Testimonials
American Traveler, Heather Swigart, RN
Shares Her Photos


I've been very busy down here in Miami! I am still working on my Master of Science Nursing, so that keeps me pretty busy. The hospital that I'm working at is definitely an experience. These girls are very entertaining, and keep me guessing at every turn, it's a very different style of practicing medicine. Yet, I've agreed to renew my contract, so I will be here until August!

I've also had several visits from friends, which is always a good time!

I've got soooo many great pictures to share with you all, just
remember, if you ever want to come and visit just let me know!

Love ya!

Heather Swigart - RN Travel Nurse in Miami 

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Corporate News
Men Find Opportunity and Career Growth in Travel Nursing

- American Traveler jobs fulfilling and lucrative

Just as American Traveler hires only the best travel nurses and allied health professionals to staff top-rated hospitals across the U.S., the nation’s leading travel nurse firm is just as particular about who works at corporate. The company prides itself on hiring experts with diverse backgrounds and a penchant for detail.

Interestingly enough, the proportion of men to women working at American Traveler is similar to that of male nurses in the travel nursing field—roughly 10 percent. The men of American Traveler are a rare breed, because at any time they can find themselves surrounded by high-functioning female professionals driven to move operations forward. Although others may find this attribute intimidating, the men of AT consider it “paramount to success in healthcare staffing.”

.Men and women work side-by-side in all departments at American Traveler: administration, accounting, operations, IT, recruiting, marketing, housing, payroll, and senior management. Clients can expect the men of AT to deliver the same impeccable service, detail, and results they’ve grown accustomed to from their female counterparts.

American Traveler CEO, Robert Bok expects a significant increase in the number of men entering the travel nursing profession over the next ten years. His team at corporate is rolling out a number of innovative business models that target both the staffing and clinical needs of employers and nurse candidates. The company is expanding horizontally and vertically, creating more jobs and securing its place as one of the largest privately held companies in the travel nurse industry.

“You’ll find more men coming on board as the travel nurse industry continues to grow,” said Bok. “Opportunity and success have lured men to an industry where jobs are plentiful and the pay and benefits are competitive.”

Call 800-884-8788 to find out more about exciting and rewarding opportunities in the travel nurse industry. We’ve got positions for both men and women looking to advance their careers and experience an incredible amount of personal growth.

American Traveler has the best jobs in healthcare staffing!

Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations to Sharon Jones, Payroll / Billing Manager.
Sharon is American Traveler's Employee of the Quarter

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Meet your Travel Nursing Consultant

.Meet Your Travel Nurse Consultant – Jessalynn Haley

American Traveler expert consultant Jessalynn Haley is a people person from the get-go. She's a graduate of Rutgers in New Jersey where she studied economics, psychology, and communications, and spent years in hospitality management and as a wedding planner. American Traveler prides itself on hiring staff like Jessalynn with diverse, well-rounded backgrounds.

She advises travel nurses to explore the highlights of travel on days off—to enjoy the landscape, the people, and new things to do that may be unique to a certain part of the country.

"One of my favorite places to visit is Bar Harbor, Maine," she said. "It's a must to ride along the loop in Acadia Park and eat steamy, fresh-baked popovers at the Jordan Pond House. Watching whales surface and plunge off the coast is a combination of excitement and serenity and an experience found in only a few U.S. destinations."

Originally from Concord New Hampshire, the consummate recruiter has been in Florida now for two years and has developed a passion for activities that get her "outside in the sunshine." Although she and boyfriend Shawn are very busy with their respective careers, the two find time together to enjoy the great outdoors.

Jessalynn says her life is enriched by the travel nurses and allied health professionals employed by American Traveler. They share their worlds and experiences with her and have taught her about places in the U.S. where she herself now longs to visit.

"I love being able to touch the lives of travel nurses," said Jessalynn. "My travelers know that I'm there for them any time of day and I will strive to find them the assignments they want."

Jessalynn recalls a story about a Respiratory Therapist in Pennsylvania whose marriage was saved by travel. The RT's husband had to leave town to find work and the two separated for months by 3300 miles and a lot of tears. As result of Jessalynn's diligence, the RT is now back with her husband and employed in the town where he found work.

"Thanks to Jessalynn, my husband and I are now living much improved lives in Phoenix, Arizona," said RT, Maacah. "She truly has made me want to sign another contract with American Traveler."

Jessalynn Haley

"The ultimate experience is not just being a travel nurse for American Traveler. As a consultant I like to test my own limits with hang gliding over the everglades in South Florida. This is not for the faint of heart but an unforgettable ride!"
~Jessalynn Haley

To find out more about travel nurse and allied health career opportunities with American Traveler, or to have Jessalynn Haley find you the Ultimate Travel Nurse Job, call 800-884-8788 or apply online.


American Travelers gets you the Best travel nurse jobs

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