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Travel Nurse Romance - Thanks American Traveler

American Traveler RN, Maria couldn’t be more excited about her new assignment. It’s like a dream come true she says. “After a year and a half of long distance, I finally got a travel nurse job just 40 minutes away from him!”

They’re perfect for each other says Maria. On Valentines Day, he’ll be helping her pack her bags in Indianapolis and head for her new travel nurse adventure in Tampa. “Just the fact that we’re going to be close together is special enough, plus we’ll be celebrating our one year engagement,” Maria told American Traveler.


Maria and Daniel are both originally from Florida but have traveled extensively throughout the US: The Pocanos, Chicago, Colorado, NYC, Philly, Miami, and Indiana to name a few. Currently, they’re planning a drive down the east coast and a honeymoon in Tennessee.

Traveling with loved ones and friends can often make travel nursing a more fulfilling life experience. To visit exciting places, relish in the moment, and create lasting memories never to forget. Here’s to Maria and many more of her favorite long fondues at the Melting Pot, hours of quiet time holding hands, and a lifetime of love and happiness with this year’s Valentine and husband to be, Daniel. 

Happy Valentines Day


American Traveler RN, Stephanie and her boyfriend met at a rock concert in Washington D.C. They love to travel, drink wine, and spend time with friends. “It’s the little things that Kris does everyday that mean so much,” said the travel nurse, and spontaneity is the key to their relationship. “We’ll just a pick a city within driving distance and spend the weekend there.” Stephanie told American Traveler that her most romantic fantasy would include a month in the Mediterranean Islands.


While working on assignment in MN for American Traveler, my co-workers and I decided to go to Las Vegas for the weekend. After a long night at Studio 54 and MGM I was stopped by a very handsome man who asked if he could buy me a beer. Even though it was late, I said, “What’s one more beer…right?” Well, one more beer turned into a lasting relationship that put this travel nurse in Arizona with the man I love.  It just goes to show you that what happens in Las Vegas doesn’t always stay there!


My husband and I were separated by 3300 miles for five months. I was doing well as a Respiratory Therapist in PA, but his contract as an electrician ended, forcing him to go elsewhere for work. Well, after a million (It felt like a million) phone calls and gallons of tears, I took a travel nurse assignment with American Traveler that put me right next to my husband in Phoenix, AZ. Thanks to recruiter Jassalynn Haley, my husband and I are once again living “happily ever after.”


The travel nurse went skydiving on her 30th birthday while on assignment in Tucson with American Traveler. Afterwards, she was so filled with adrenalin that she didn't want to go back to her apartment. So what now? Dating? That night at a singles meeting, she met Matt and has been traveling with him ever since. Her recruiter says that every time she mentions his name, Anne breaks out giggling.